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Bathing Multiples - Toddler & Baby

Take the stress out of bath time with Moms on Call's 7 tips for bathing a toddler and baby!

Bubba, bubbles and bathtime. Managing three kids in a bath time situation by yourself feels a bit like Mrs. Pac Man when you eat the glowing dot and then all chaos breaks loose and you have to do everything fast while the music speeds up and you are concentrating on multiple unpredictable moving objects.

Bathing toddlers and a baby can be loud and intense and occasionally dangerous. But take it from this momma who had twin 6 month olds (the likes of tiny velociraptors) and a super social 3 ½ year old who wanted to talk and entertain the entire can do this (and so can they)!

Here is what got us in and out of bath time unscathed.

  1. This may not be a quiet affair. I know that we all have dreams of giggling with one another until we end up in fluffy towels fully prepared to read a book for bed. However, when you have more than one child, multiples or multiple kids of multiple ages, bath time can be a circus.
  2. Can you make bath times separate? Of course, just make them quick and add extra warm water for round two. Ok, we know this is gross but pee is sterile. That means it is not going to hurt anyone, it happens – move on.
  3. The biggest thing to remember is never to leave anyone unattended. Make it a priority to pull the drain right before the last kid gets out. Unattended bathwater is a big no-no and the distractions are plentiful. So, it can be a great idea to make sure it is part of the routine and the older child can participate.
  4. Be prepared with the stuff. Having a basket of washcloths and baby soaps keeps stuff handy for you. For smaller kids, have a bouncy seat on the outside of the tub within arm's reach so they can be easily transferred into and out-of the tub at a moment’s notice. Put a towel on the bouncer so they will not be cold. Once you get them out of the tub and into the bouncer, wrap the towel around them, strap them in and then you are free to navigate the older one, pull the drain, stand up child-free (so a slippery wet cuteness does not wiggle out your grasp) and save your back. You can see an example of how we use this bouncer in the Moms on Call basic bathing baby video (see moms on call bathing video).
  5. In the bath, you can use an age-appropriate bath seat for the little ones.
  6. Wash those heads last because that is the part that gets the coldest.
  7. Remember to have fun. There is not a way to ensure “no splashing” or that they will not get in each other’s space here and there. Hold it with an open hand. And as long as we are all safe, you may even find that you make it to the next level of Mrs. Pac Man…called getting 3 or more kids ready for school!

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