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3 Simple Household Rules Toddlers Can Live By

The following is an excerpt from the highly acclaimed Moms on Call Toddler Book. This resourceful guide is designed to provide parents with invaluable advice, practical tips, and expert insights on navigating the exciting journey of toddlerhood.

In many households, we often find ourselves confronted with a plethora of rules that can overwhelm our little ones. It can be challenging for toddlers to remember and categorize these rules in their developing minds.

Examples of Household Rules

  • Don’t touch the stove.
  • Don’t disturb anyone when they are on the phone.
  • Don’t run into the road.
  • Don’t throw your toys.
  • (And just for parents of boys like ours) Don’t hit your own self in your own head with your own foot! (Long car ride—enough said.)

To ensure clarity and ease of comprehension, it is beneficial to simplify the rules to a concise list of three. By doing so, they can effortlessly grasp the concepts and effectively apply them.

Moms on Call’s Three Household Rules

  1. Obey your parents.
  2. Do not hurt yourself.
  3. Do not hurt others.

This is simple; all other rules can fit into one of these categories. The time that we place this in our child’s heart is right before bed or what we like to call “between awake and asleep.”

We say the household rules like this:

“We have three rules in our house, and they are: Obey your parents, do not hurt yourself, and do not hurt others because we are Walkers, and Walkers are good to people.”

Try this effective technique to create a sense of security and order in your toddler’s heart. Before bedtime, insert your name into the scenario each night and choose a character trait that defines your family. Take a moment to review the three simple household rules. Remember, this is not the time for a history lesson on good behavior. By following these steps consistently, you can establish a strong foundation of security and order for your little one.

Please refer to the Moms on Call Toddler Book for a comprehensive list of the basic boundary stones that establish a supportive framework allowing toddlers to explore, adapt, and thrive freely. This book offers invaluable insights and guidance essential for nurturing your toddler’s development and well-being.

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