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Must Have Baby Products for 4-6 Months

With my first baby, one of the most surprising realizations I had was that the infant stage gets better and better with time. (And that time flies by way too fast!)

I know, it’s hard to imagine that anything could be better than a sweet, snuggly newborn! But, when babies hit the 4-6 month phase and start interacting with you, intentionally smiling and giggling...oh, be still my heart! In fact, the 4-6 month phase may be my favorite.

Typically around 4-6 months, everyone is sleeping and the household is settling into its groove. I found that my stress level associated with lack of sleep and navigating how to care for another tiny human started to subside. I was able to breathe and really start enjoying this sweet time.

From rolling over to recognizing familiar faces, sitting up and solid food introduction, 4-6 months is a busy phase for baby (and parents)! You will also outgrow some of your newborn necessities as baby’s needs evolve. Having been through this phase 3 times now, my husband, Chris and I, put together our list of baby must haves for 4-6 months. We still use many of our Must Have Baby Items for the First 3 Months, but have found a few new things to be especially helpful for months 4, 5 and 6.

Travel Crib

Must have baby product travel crib

The Lotus Travel Crib was a new purchase for baby #3, and I am obsessed. Our previous pack n’ play was sturdy but also bulky and heavy. Setting it up felt like a workout. Our middle child demonstrated brute strength at an early age, and most of the “lightweight” travel cribs on the market were not sturdy enough to contain him. Thankfully I found the Lotus travel crib! It is the perfect combination of sturdy, lightweight, and compact. The carrying case can even be worn as a backpack, and setting it up/taking it down is a cinch. And, of course, it works perfectly with our Slumberpod. (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase)

You will want sheets that are specially designed for the Lotus travel crib. The sheet needs to accommodate the crib’s fasteners that attach its pad to its frame to prevent slippage. I bought this pack of two so that we have a back-up ready in the event of a spit-up or blowout incident.

Baby Carrier

Must have baby product baby carrier

At 4-6 months, you’re going to want a baby carrier that helps your body support baby’s increasing weight. My favorite is the Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier.

I love that Poppy can face outwards for people-watching, inwards for snuggling and snoozing or on my back for walking/hiking. It fastens around my hips to help distribute her weight and relieve some tension from my upper back.

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Must have baby product - Baby sit-me-up floor seat

This thing is awesome! It’s portable, washable and helps baby sit up for both eating and playing. You can attach toys to it for playing and it also comes with a removable dishwasher-safe tray for eating. It’s perfect for babies who can hold their head up, but are still wobbly and need a little extra help sitting up. It is also great to travel with as it can double as a high chair and be brought along to restaurants.

Kick n' Play Piano Mat

Must have baby product - piano mat

This is Poppy’s favorite place to play because there are so many options. She can lay on her back and kick the piano keys with her feet, reach for the toys and look at herself in the mirror. She can lay on her tummy, look at the lights and grab the attached toys. She can sit up and press the piano keys with her hands. And we can detach the keyboard and bring it with us for on-the-go play. Chris and I love it because, in addition to it aiding in sensory and fine motor skill development, it’s compact, washable and easy to transport.

Feeding Supplies

Must have baby feeding supplies

You don’t need much to introduce solids, but there are a few key things that will make this messy, fun time a little bit easier!

Silicone suction bowls are great because the silicone is easy to clean and you can safely warm food in it. They suction to the table to prevent spills when baby starts reaching and swatting.

I like to use long silicone spoons. The length makes getting food to the baby’s mouth easier. They are made for the small size of baby’s mouth. Plus, the silicone is soft to protect their sensitive gums once they start teething.

Did I mention that introducing solids can get messy? I like these waterproof, apron-style bibs. They are better than silicone or cloth because they protect Poppy’s clothes without irritating the skin on her neck.

You will likely have to try a few different sippy cups before finding one your baby likes. All 3 of my babies have preferred these sippy cups. You can also check out Moms on Call’s full list of recommended sippy cups for more options.

For most meals, Poppy sits in her clip-on high chair at our kitchen island. I love putting her finger foods on this Busy Baby Mat because it’s silicone and suctions. It also comes with tethers that we use to attach her sippy cup and toys to prevent them from dropping onto the floor.

For a step-by-step guide to introducing solids, read our Guide to Introducing Solids and download our Baby Food Introduction Calendar. Also, see how I make baby food for the entire week in less than 5 minutes!

Crib Mattress

We love this dual-firmness crib mattress! It will grow with Poppy as it has the extra-firm support that infants need on one-side and less firmness on the other side to provide the comfort that she will prefer when she's a toddler. Plus, it has waterproofing for easy clean-ups, is eco-friendly and is made by Colgate Mattress, The Crib Mattress Specialist®, which is a third-generation family-owned, and operated company.

Moms on Call’s recommended products for every age and stage can always be found on our Products We Love page.

Finally, if you only take one thing from this blog post, let it be this. Regardless of the products you have or what your baby is (or is not) doing developmentally, there is one thing that stays consistent during every stage. And that is that YOU are the most interesting thing to your baby! You are also the best decision maker for them and you’re doing a great job. So, give yourself a pat on the back, take a deep breath and soak up these precious moments!

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