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Moms on Call's Parenting Hacks

Written by Moms on Call, Photo Courtesy of @paigemolinaphoto

While parenting is a beautiful journey and SO much fun, it can also be chaotic, messy, time consuming and downright hard! And here at Moms on Call, we are known best for keeping things simple, clear and no nonsense! Keeping things simple also often comes with the benefit of saving time, stress and money! Well, we wanted to know what other tips, tricks and products out there are helping parents simplify and create more space to enjoy the moments that matter. So, we decided to ask the experts...ALL OF YOU! With your help, we have compiled a list of our MOC Family’s tested and approved top parenting hacks. We hope that these quick tips and tricks give you an “ah ha!” moment or two and help to make the days a bit simpler for everyone!

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  1. Cook extra items (e.g. protein, veggies) that can be made into something new the next night. Lilie Eats and Tells and Fed and Fit are two great cookbooks for this! @moments.with.laura and @morgan.k.eddy
  2. Use cupcake liners under popsicles to help contain mess! @moments.with.laura
  3. Use silicone muffin liners to put snacks in. @moments.with.laura
  4. Use a muffin tray to serve lunch or dinner! Put different types of foods and sauces in each compartment and watch your child enjoy creating their own concoctions! @momsoncall
  5. Cook/puree veggies in meatballs so if they don't eat their plated veggies, they still get some! @pe0512

Bottle / Breastfeeding

  1. Have a designated bag of “special toys” for your toddler that only comes out while you are feeding the baby. @moments.with.laura
  2. When pumping at work or on-the-go, put your pump parts in the fridge without washing in between sessions. Wash and sanitize once you’re home that night. Lindsay C. and @laceyteal
  3. Put pacifiers in the freezer for acid reflux babies - the cold soothes post spit-up 2x faster. @briesweeney
  4. You can make any nursing bra into a hands free nursing bra! Just slide the clip side over. @Briananicolemoore
  5. Freeze small bags of milk (4 oz.) so when baby needs more milk, or you’re prepping bottles, you know how much is in each! Less waste! @shelbyshelbs and @moments.with.laura
  6. Run to the grocery store in between feedings and have your partner unload while you nurse. @wabipost


  1. Use Vaseline with every diaper change if baby doesn’t have a diaper rash! It works as a barrier to prevent rashes and is cheaper! @alexisschaufert
  2. Always, always, always flail the diaper flanges out!! (See a demo in our Diapering video.) @momsoncall


  1. Use a small rectangular laundry basket with holes in the bathtub to keep little ones close and toys within reach. @moments.with.laura
  2. Keep a wet washcloth on baby’s torso to keep them warm during. @fosterfam13 and @momsoncall

Bed / Naptime

  1. Sound machine (with white noise) while at home AND on the go! @elockhart28 and @momsoncall
  2. Use dimmers on all bedroom lamps!@wise_shan

Organization / Laundry

  1. Zipper PJs!! @alysegossman
  2. Use Spacesaver bags to store clothes in storage bins as you wait for your child to grow into them and as they outgrow them. @moments.with.laura
  3. Stop folding laundry. Just stack like items in drawers. It saves a ton of time! Rachel M.
  4. Layer mattress protectors and crib sheets (alternating) for quick sheet changing! (Starting from the bottom: mattress protector, sheet, protector, sheet, protector, sheet). When your little one has an accident, simply take off the top sheet and protector and a fresh set is waiting! Morgan E.
  5. Keep shoes AND socks in a bin together by the door to make leaving the house easier! Morgan E.
  6. Put your toddler’s clothes out the night before so they can dress themselves (or at least get the process started) in the morning. They feel good because they’re doing something on their own and it will also help cut-down on morning outfit decision-making/battles! Morgan E.
  7. Prep sippy cups and snacks for the next day the night before. Even if you’re just staying at home, it makes the next day easier! @littleteacherwife
  8. Prep for everything you can in advance! Saves time and anxiety from last minute scrambling! @kristensevers

Health & Wellness

  1. Buy the children's versions of liquid Motrin and Tylenol. The concentration is the same as the infant formula, but the price tag is lower! Claire D., P.A.

On the Go / Travel

  1. Bring a small bottle of baby powder or cornstarch to the beach and use it to get sand off….it’s magic! Emily K.
  2. Cut a regular sticker in half and put it on the inside of shoes (left side of the sticker goes in the left shoe, right side of the sticks goes in the right shoe) so toddlers can tell which shoe goes on which foot. Lindsay C.
  3. Keep a container with diapers, wipes, an extra outfit and toys in the car at all times. Lindsay C.
  4. Keep a roll of dog poop bags in your diaper bag and car for a quick way to manage dirty diapers while on the go. Chaffee H., Owner of Baby Braithwaite
  5. Use the caps that come with your pump bottles as travel bottle lids. Morgan E.
  6. Instead of worrying about heating a bottle while on the go, put hot water in a stainless steel travel mug before you leave and bring it with you. If you’re using formula, just add the hot water to your bottle that already has formula in it and mix. If you’re using breast milk, put the hot water in an open cup and place the bottle of breastmilk in it to warm for a few minutes. Morgan E.
  7. When traveling pack each complete outfit in a large ziplock bag and label them! @katherinemedaric

Anywhere / Anytime

  1. Tell them that they can do "X" when they find a certain toy. ('s in your pocket!) @parrinellos_pretties
  2. MOMS ON CALL!!!!! @marygibson_
  3. Keep twins on the same schedule!! @caseysinkus
  4. Give up the things that are causing stress. Breastfeeding for me had to go! @diamoneka
  5. Bring baby into the bathroom while you get ready. The running water is soothing! Depending on their age, they can sit in a bouncer, jumperoo, Sit Me Up seat, Bumbo, etc.. @whitneyhoefer
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