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The brand new Moms on Call app is the perfect tool for busy parents ready to calm the chaos and create predictable routines that actually work! Based on decades of pediatric health and development experience, we’ve designed a solution that allows parents to easily track naps, nighttime sleep, feedings and diaper changes without stress.

Whether you’re brand new to the MOC philosophy or you have multiple children, you’ll benefit from our extensive Knowledge Center, Baby Basics Videos, Podcast and Store – all linked conveniently from the app. Brand new app features include sharing between devices and printable logs for quick caregiver reference.

Typical Day Schedules

  • The Moms on Call App offers Typical Day schedules for birth through 4 years old.
  • These schedules have helped thousands of families create predictable, loving, and restful routines!
  • Bonus! We’ve even added the option to customize these schedules for your family’s unique needs.

Multiple Children & Schedules

  • Juggling multiple schedules for different family members is a breeze.
    • Because we know that schedules shift when you add extra naps, meals, and other routines, we’ve simplified the process so that you can stick to the habits that work best for your family–no matter what size.
  • With the ability to view multiple schedules side by side, you can plan for the next step at any moment!

Log Feedings, Sleep, & Diaper Changes


  • At Moms on Call we support all types of feedings, and so does our App.
    • This includes breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combination of both, in addition to solid food introduction as your baby grows.
  • Within the App we've included a handy breastfeeding timer as well as the ability to enter how many ounces your baby took during a feeding.
    • Plus, there’s a section to add custom notes so that you can remember and have questions to ask your pediatrician or lactation consultant.


  • Keep track and monitor when your baby sleeps–including naps, wakeups, and overnight.
  • Sleep logs let you spot patterns and behaviors that can help your whole family get the rest it needs to thrive!

Diaper Changes

  • As your baby grows from birth through infancy, your pediatrician may ask how many times you’ve changed diapers throughout the day.
  • With a handy in-app diaper tracker, record how many poops and pees and everything in between!

Notifications for Events

  • Enable notifications to get helpful reminders about what’s coming up next in your baby’s schedule.
  • This feature comes in handy when your newborn or infant has multiple feedings around the clock or needs to start their nightly routine by a certain time.

Share and Print

  • Brand new log-in functionality makes it easy to share schedules and logs between different devices. (Tip: Ensure that you have Family Sharing enabled on your phone!)
  • We’ve also added printable features so that you can print, email, or share with important people in your child’s life, such as family members, caregivers, and doctors.

Stay Connected

Comprehensive Knowledge Center

  • Jump over to our Knowledge Center for informative posts for 0-6 months, 6-15 months, and toddlers.
    • We add new content weekly!
  • Practical Baby Basics videos also show you things like burping, swaddling, nail clipping, and other health and hygiene tips in real life. Stress less with Moms on Call!


  • Listen directly to our world-renowned podcast right within the app!
  • Each week, our Moms on Call experts weigh in on important parenting topics in a fun and engaging format.
    • Plus, we always take real questions from moms and dads just like you!
    • If you have anything you want to ask, please leave us a message at 888-234-7979

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