Episode 36

Episode 36 | Todder Truths

One of the big things we talk about at Moms on Call is being intentional with your children. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the ways we’ve done that in our own families, seen others do it and hopefully give you some ideas of your own. Here’s what we have for you:

  • How unpopular choices can make you a role model for life.
  • Laura’s lightbulb moment about nighttime with her kids.
  • Using Tender Time to set the foundation for your home.
  • Giving yourself freedom from your toddler’s behavior and words.

Your questions: When my baby is sick, should I let them nap longer? We unexpectedly lost my husband last year and everything has changed; how can I help my 4 year old transition through all of these changes and reestablish some type of routine and structure for her? Will my child’s primary motivator from your Toddler by Design program stay the same, or does it change as they get older?

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Resources mentioned on the show:

Toddler Online Course (including the famous Toddler Seminar)

Toddler Book

Toddler by Design App

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