Episode 10 - are you ready for another baby

Episode 10 | Are You Ready for Another Baby?

Does your baby pee through their diaper at night? If so, we have a tip for you!

Laura and Jennifer address the super common thought parents have about having more kids. “How can I possibly love another child more” is a thought both moms have had. Let’s talk about it.

We're sharing tips for introducing your toddler to a new baby. Plus the best life hack EVER for entertaining a toddler while you’re feeding a newborn.

Your calls: How do I prepare my 1.5 year old for all of the changes coming with her first sibling? What are your thoughts on dream feeding? How do I handle the crib to bed transition properly?

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Diaper Doublers

Toddler Book and Online Course with the “Bringing Home a Sibling” Cheat Sheet

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