Can you make your toddler nap?

Can You Make Your Toddler Nap?

We know how that goes! Here at Moms on Call, we are helping toddlers across the globe get the amount of uninterrupted sleep that they need. Did you know that toddlers need between 11 and 12 hours of sleep row every night and that we, as parents, need them to have that too? We know that your toddler can learn to love sleeping in their own room at night. This will actually help them nap better as well. But there does come a time when their naps become unpredictable, and we are left wondering if it is time to drop the nap completely. Having all the pieces of the sleep puzzle in place helps give your toddler the best opportunity to learn. When we understand how toddlers learn and all the things that affect sleep, it is not as daunting.

You cannot make your toddler sleep, and you cannot make your toddler nap.

But we can control what we can control. That is the routine, the environment, and your own expectations. This means that when nap time turns into “Nap Opportunity Time,” they can go into that great low-stimulation environment even if they choose not to sleep. They will learn to be in their room and have some low-key time if we send them consistent messages and give them predictable routines, starting the Nap Opportunity Time at the same time each day. Allowing a child who is engaged all day and is in a temperature-controlled environment in a room decorated just for them, who is one doorway away from you, can benefit from that private time set aside just for them each day.

Toddlers learn by routine and consistency, and their little internal clocks will adjust to this routine.

How do we know? Well, we have literally partnered with thousands of families to help them implement these principles effectively, and we have seen it work over and over. The truth is that they are capable of having Nap Opportunity Time in a great, safe environment made just for them. Take a look at the testimonials at to let our clients tell their own stories. Now, we also know that many of you need to know the reasoning behind these methods before you can effectively put them into place in your household. That is why we have online courses and our toddler book that explain the process in more detail and cover the most commonly asked questions about the process.

Parents are the best ones to decide how to handle sleep.

You can be a good parent and love your child whether or not you follow the above guidelines. This is simply the method that we have seen work over and over. We know that you love your toddler and want what is best for them, and even on the days that they do not nap, that is more than enough.

Here are a few tips to help your toddler nap:

  • Child-proof your toddler’s room.
  • Use a white noise sound machine for nighttime and naptime.
  • Keep the room cool at around 68-72 degrees.
  • The Nap Opportunity Time starts at the same time each day; it is an hour to an hour and a half if awake, and then they stay up until bedtime even if they are cranky. (If they did not sleep at nap time, try not to let them go to sleep early at bedtime.)
  • Try to start the day at 7 a.m. no matter what.
  • We cannot “make up” for lost sleep, but we can keep your toddler’s inner 24-hour clock on time. It is a powerful way to help them actually sleep (as much as possible) during the nap opportunity.

Review the Moms on Call Typical Day Routines in the Toddler Book or the Toddler Online Course and follow along with the Scheduler App for tips and times. You got this!

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