Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine

  • Moms on Call’s hands-down favorite sound machine that makes that perfect sound at the perfect volume (and won’t break after a month)!  Voted Best Sound Machine by Wirecutter and Prevention.


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    Perfect sound & size

    We are really picky about our sound machines. We had a homedic one from years ago we used with our first born and it went out. All the ones on the market (like hatch) seemed so high pitched that they weren’t very soothing. We took a risk and bought this and are SO happy with its sound. 10 different pitches of white noise and fan. Super small so easy to travel with and store. Love it!

    emily jones
    Best sound / beautiful and neutral / good for adults too

    Good, clear sound, many different noise options. Lightweight and blends into any room- not an eyesore like so many others. My dad liked it so much we bought him one!

    Lisett vasallo
    Lectrofan works

    It is small and had the perfect fan sound that helps me and my baby sleep may purchase another one soo

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