A Moms on Call Baby: What I Wish I Knew during My First Pregnancy

The first post from our new series, A Moms on Call Baby, where we’ll walk with our CEO, Morgan, through her third pregnancy. This post gives an intro to Morgan and the things she wishes she knew during her first pregnancy.

Welcome to our new blog series, A Moms on Call Baby, where I (Morgan) will do my best to keep things relevant, practical and REAL as I walk alongside many of you through this pandemic pregnancy.  

With this being our first blog date, I thought it might be helpful for y’all to get to know me and my story (the Cliff’s Notes version at least) before things get too deep. Feel free to skip right on down to what you probably came here for — the things I wish I knew during my first pregnancy (and other observations).

My Story

My name is Morgan Eddy and I am the CEO here at Moms on Call.  Prior to Moms on Call, I worked for a large bank. I loved my job and got to work with some truly incredible people.  I feel so thankful that I had a job that was so hard to leave! But when this once in a lifetime opportunity came along, I knew I had to take a leap of faith to be part of something that I’m so passionate about.

Aside from supporting other parents through this crazy, beautiful stage of life, the three loves of my life are Chris, Barnes and Charlie.  Chris and I have been married for 7 years and, simply put, he is the absolute best.  Barnes (4) is our Social-to-a-T toddler who has never met a stranger and remembers the name of everyone he meets. He keeps us on our toes with his mischievous streak and is the funniest person I know.  His love for other people makes my mama heart swell.  Charlie (2) has a permanent smile that makes his eyes twinkle.  He was crawling at 6 months, walking at 9 and hasn’t stopped moving since.  He’s our gentle giant, with fierce (read: stubborn) determination and a heart twice his size.  The one thing they have in common is that they are both 100% BOY.  

Chris and I both work full-time and the boys go to “school” — a daycare that we all absolutely love.  Mornings, nights and weekends, our house is total chaos. Mostly the fun kind of chaos, but sometimes the “you’re going to Simmer Time for the fifth time today” kind.   Chris is 1 of 7 kids, so the chaos is normal (and almost comforting) to him.  My brother and I wreaked our fair share of havoc growing up, but the constant mess and destruction is something my orderly personality has had to grow to love!  So, we’re just going to keep this beautiful chaos going and add another little person to the mix!

Getting Pregnant

We are blessed beyond measure to have had IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) as a successful option to build our family.  Infertility is hard and far too prevalent, with many hopeful parents not having any options or experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak.  It will never be lost on us how fortunate we are to have had the right pieces come together to not only have IVF as a viable option, but a successful one. 

We got pregnant with Barnes through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination).  We were hopeful to do IUI again for our second, but complications made IUI no longer a viable option, so we moved to IVF and ended up with 5 embryos, 1 of which was Charlie.  We always dreamed of a having a third and, despite being in the middle of a pandemic, decided to go for it by transferring another embryo in August 2020. That embryo is our precious baby girl who is due May 5, 2021.  We did not know the sex of our embryos and always said that we did not care but, y’all, when we found out this one was a girl, I cannot explain the joy that overcame me!  God knew that this little lady is exactly what our family needed (and maybe that a third boy would be just a tad too much chaos for me)! 

A Brief Side Note

I want to take a second to recognize all of the other expecting parents out there navigating pregnancy right now, especially first-time parents. Not being able to have Chris in the room for our embryo transfer and ultrasounds is weird and sad. I cannot imagine how heartbreaking it is for those who have never had the joy of hearing your first baby’s heartbeat together and seeing their little profile on the ultrasound. My heart goes out to you as you balance celebrating something so miraculous in the strangest of times. You are doing amazing and it will be SO worth it!

The First Trimester

Well, I survived.  Barely.  I’m 17 weeks now and nighttimes are still dicey, but compared to the 24/7 nausea that I had until a few weeks ago, second trimester is a dream. 

Every old wives’ tale about pregnancies with girls was true in my case — my face broke out, I immediately gained weight, my mood was less than stellar, I had crazy food aversions and thought I might throw up at any moment. (I never did, but I’m not sure if feeling like you’re going to throw up, or actually throwing up is worse.)  There was lots of horizontal parenting going on, I ate like a toddler (Goldberg’s bagels with a side of mac and cheese, please) and slept like one too (7:30pm bedtime for the win).  In addition to carbs and sleep, a combination of Unisom and B6 did help immensely (ask your doctor).

This pregnancy has been SO different from my first two, I would have been SHOCKED if it wasn’t a girl!  With my boys, I felt sick for 6-8 weeks but really only at night.  No food aversions or cravings and felt back to normal by 14 weeks.  I still feel a lot bigger than I did with the boys and don’t have my usual level of energy, but am thankful to mostly be on the other side of it. (Although we’ll see what the third trimester holds!) 

I will say that one of the only positives to this pandemic is the wardrobe. Yoga pants are super pregnancy friendly.

Enough about me.  Here’s what you came here for!

What I wish I knew during my first pregnancy (and other observations)

  • You will sleep (and shower) again.  Especially because you’ve already found Moms on Call!
  • Keep moving.  As much as you don’t want to during the first trimester, even just walking outside with fresh air will help to keep the nausea at bay.  Plus, it will make delivery and recovery much easier!
  • Trust your doctor.  Second-guessing and questioning everything your doctor tells you will create so much unnecessary anxiety.  If you feel like you’re not on the same page with your doctor, consider finding a new one.  This is a long-term relationship where trust is key!
  • Love doesn’t divide, it expands.  More babies = more love.
  • Labor and delivery stories are like snowflakes, every single one is different.  Being pregnant makes you a target for unsolicited advice.  Just remember that your labor and delivery story will be different from every story you’ve heard. Take each with a grain of salt and trust the plan that you and your doctor decide is best for you. 
  • Water breaking is not always an “as seen on TV” gush of water.  It can also be a slow trickle.  More to come on how I know this later.
  • All they will wear at first are onesies.  I promise they will wear all those sweet, precious outfits you have picked out at some point. But, for those first several weeks, it’s onesies.   And several of them a day!
  • The nursery does not have to be perfect before they’re here.  Newborns nap.  A LOT.  You will have time to get things done once they’re here. So, if you can’t get the nursery picture perfect before they come, no worries!
  • You won’t use half of what you register for.  There is SO much baby stuff out there.  Creating a baby registry is a daunting task!  I’d really recommend sticking to the essentials and asking for gift cards so that you can buy as needs arise.
  • Some days you’ll feel like Superwoman…and some days you won’t.  On the days when you’re running late and have your shirt on backwards, just remember that as a parent of a little one, you’ve done more before 9am than most people will do in an entire day!
  • Friendships are life-giving, invest in them!  Being pregnant and having kids has given me a newfound love for my friends. Especially during those newborn days that can be isolating at times. They are the most intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful and incredible women that I am so thankful to have in my life.  No matter what stage of life they’re in, they bring so much to my life that makes me a better mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend.
  • Fed is best.  You do you. Know that whether your baby is getting breastmilk or formula isn’t nearly as important as the person who is feeding them and the love that they’re receiving.

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