Toddler Bath Time Tips

Take the stress out of bath time with Moms on Call’s top 5 tips for bathing a wiggly, giggly toddler.

Written by Moms on Call

Bath time for toddlers can be busy, wiggly and downright slippery. Moms on Call is here to help make bath time not only safe, but fun and stress free for the entire family. 

So, what are Moms on Call’s top 5 tips for bathing a toddler? 

  1. Supervision 

    • Provide constant supervision of your toddler during bath time.

  2. Consistency

    • As part of our tender time and preparing for bed, your toddler’s bath will be at the same consistent time each day. 

    • This establishes bath time as part of our daily routine which helps us to eliminate bath time battles.

  3. Be Prepared

    • Have everything you need within an arm’s reach. 

    • Often our littles will need our hands to help hold them, so having everything we need within an arm’s reach can be a lifesaver. Literally! 

  4. Encourage your toddler to stay seated during bath. 

    • Provide them with plenty of distractions to keep them seated. 

      • We love toy boats, foam letters, pouring cups and bubbles!

  5. Give them responsibility.

    • Allow your toddler to wash their toes, fingers, hair, etc. Giving them responsibility gives them a sense of accomplishment. What better way to keep their hands busy than by getting themselves clean! 

Providing this safe, consistent environment not only gives us special bonding time with our toddlers before bed, but also takes the stress out of it for both of you. This is a great time to sing and play together. Enjoy every giggle and let a splash or two out. 

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