Swaddling for Centuries

Swaddling newborns has been done for centuries and is an essential step in getting a baby to sleep. Here at Moms on Call, not only have we created a swaddling technique, but a unique swaddle blanket to go with it! Learn the essential elements for swaddling and when to start.

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Swaddling newborns is an essential step in getting a baby to sleep.

Here at Moms on Call, not only have we created a swaddling technique, but a unique swaddle blanket to go with it!

Babies are born with a startle reflex.  This is why their limbs involuntarily jerk when they are startled by a loud noise, sudden movement or just because.  Babies have this involuntary startle for the first few months, making right after birth and up to three months of age the ideal time to swaddle.

Getting the swaddle right and tight, tight, tight is the key to newborn sleep, and provides the comfort that calms and soothes the baby instantly.  The Moms on Call swaddle blanket keeps the baby’s hands tucked by their bottoms and away from their face.  If their startle reflex is triggered, they are less likely to wake because their hands are by their side. 

What is swaddling? 

  • Swaddling is snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket to help them feel safe and secure. 
  • Fun Fact: Many cultures have used swaddling for centuries as a way of helping babies to feel more settled and sleep! 
  • Swaddling imitates the snug environment of the womb. 

Is it safe? 

YES!  The Moms on Call swaddling technique provides the three essential elements that pediatric nurses and doctors say must be in place for babies to rest safely and comfortably.

  • Plenty of room near the baby’s lungs so they can breathe comfortably. 
  • Keeps the baby’s arms secure by applying the tightness only around the level of the elbows.  This imitates your warm embrace and keeps the baby’s startle reflex from jerking their arms and waking them up.
  • Allows the baby’s legs to move freely so their hip joints mature properly. 
  • If you are using the Moms on Call method, we recommend swaddling up to 3 months of age and 12 lbs. 

What makes the Moms on Call swaddle blanket so special? 

  • Our swaddle blanket is designed with just the right amount of elasticity and a super soft flannel fabric.
  • The size of the blanket is 44 by 44 square inches. Our blanket is designed specifically for the Moms on Call swaddling technique.  We have tried to use our technique with other blankets, but they do not provide the soft, secure magic our clients rave about!

When can you start swaddling?

  • Swaddling can be done immediately after the baby is born!

After our youngest was born, she was bathed and swaddled by a nurse and handed back to me for sweet, snuggly moments.  Having her swaddled was so helpful to me while recuperating because I knew that she was safely in a cocoon of love and, to her, I imagine it felt like she had never left the womb!  She did not care much for pacis, so swaddling really was our saving grace for great sleep! –Olivia P.

  • Pro Tip: Practice the Moms on Call swaddle technique with a stuffed animal before the baby arrives so you are ready to show off your skills instantly and get the sleep you need! 

A well-rested baby is a happy baby!

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