Routine Flexibility During the Holidays with Moms on Call

Navigating family holidays with a packed schedule can be overwhelming. Discover how to make your routine smoother using these expert tips from Moms on Call and enjoy an easier holiday season!

The holiday season is upon us, bringing joy, festivities and a packed schedule. We understand the importance of family time and creating lasting traditions. Here are some key strategies to ensure a smooth Moms on Call routine during the holidays.

Embrace Family Time

  • The holidays are all about being with loved ones. While schedules may vary, prioritize family time without compromising your routine.
  • Plan activities that involve everyone, and don’t hesitate to incorporate your little one into the festive gatherings. Engaging them in family events can create beautiful memories.

Establish Family Traditions

  • Create meaningful traditions that can be upheld during the holidays. These could be simple bedtime stories, special holiday rituals, or cozy family movie nights.
  • Consistent routines provide predictability for your child, helping them feel secure amidst the holiday chaos.

Adapt to Changing Schedules

  • With later dinners, events, and travel plans, be flexible with your Moms on Call routine. Adjust your schedule to accommodate the festive activities, ensuring that your little one remains well-rested.
  • If traveling to a different time zone, align your child’s schedule with the new time upon arrival. This may mean feeding sooner so that you can reset the routine to the “new” time. 

Stick to Routine Feed Times

  • Maintain regular feeding times as much as possible. If your schedule allows, prioritize your child’s feeding routine to ensure they are well-nourished and content.
  • Bring snacks or have a plan for meals on the go to avoid unnecessary disruptions to your child’s feeding schedule.

Navigate Late Nights with Ease

  • If staying out late, plan ahead for bedtime. Feed your little one before heading home, and upon arrival, establish a quick bedtime routine. This might include washing their face, changing their diaper, putting on pajamas, and a final “top-off” feed if needed.
  • Help your child transition to bedtime seamlessly, even after a night of celebration. Remember story-time and snuggles when you can.

Traveling Tips

  • When traveling, bring familiar items to create a comforting environment for your child. Consider bringing sheets washed with the familiar scent of home to help them feel at ease.
  • Pack a SlumberPod to provide a designated sleep area and bring a sound machine to drown out unfamiliar noises, ensuring a peaceful sleep for your little one.

The holiday season is a time for joy and togetherness. By incorporating these Moms on Call tips, you can navigate the festivities while maintaining a consistent routine for your child. Embrace the holiday spirit, create lasting memories and enjoy the season with your little one by your side.