Moms on Call’s Top 5 Tips for Your Preemie Baby

Bringing home a premature baby can come with unique challenges. So, we’re taking some of the guess work out of it! Keep reading for tips to help with those babies that come earlier than expected!

Brining home baby is a feat in itself. Bringing home a baby that has come earlier than expected definitely has its added challenges. And can often feel like you are calculating everything, every minute of the day. Keeping times, minutes of breastfeeding, amounts in storage, number of diapers, weights and ounces and intervals of every variety. Who knew there would be so much math involved in raising a preemie?

At Moms on Call we (Jennifer and Laura) have brought home our own sets of preemie twins as well as partnered with thousands of families with preemies.

In no way do we want to overwhelm you. So, we’ve put together a quick lists of tips to help you get through those first few weeks!

  • If baby was born earlier than 34 weeks gestation, or has any severe medical issues, we recommend partnering one-on-one with a personal consultant!
    • They can walk with you through progressing through schedules and help ease some stress!
    • They can help look for the developmental milestones baby is reaching.
    • And most importantly, they’ll help you determine your feeding amounts!
  • In the absence of severe medical issues, check out our Preemie Progress Cheat Sheet.
    • We’ve taken the guess work out of which Moms on Call Schedule baby should be following and when to progress in schedules!
      • Click the drop down on the Free Resource tab and click “Preemie”.
    • We’ve developed a chart to help you move from survival to sustainability!
  • Carter’s Preemie collection was made with baby in mind.
    • Designed with the help of NICU nurses, this super soft collection has easy snap or hook and loop closures for easier dressing, x-rays, and wires.
    • There are three preemie sizes so your little one won’t be swimming in their clothes for the foreseeable future.
  • The learning curve of feeding.
    • Getting the right nipple really does make a difference!
      • The latex disposable nipples from the hospital are great for the first few weeks. The material helps their tongue stick to it, and latch.
      • Then we recommend NUK First Essentials Bottles.
  • Twins and Multiples? We’ve got you covered!
    • Here are the Mom’s Survival Tips for Twins and Multiples to help get your little ones on schedule together!

Head over to our Free Resources page to get Moms on Call’s Preemie Progress Cheat Sheet! While you’re there, browse through our Knowledge Center for all kinds of tips, tricks and insights to support you, including podcast posts like, Super Preemies!

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