Moms on Call’s Guide to Postpartum Care

First time mommas, we’ve got you covered! Moms on Call has curated a list of perinatal and postpartum care, nursing and household items to have on hand after baby’s birth.

From one mom to another, we’ve put together a checklist of must-have items to have ready at home and after-delivery care essentials.

Guide to Perinatal & Postpartum Care

  • Peri or squirt bottle
    • Used to rinse off the perineal before and after urinating as the area heals
  • Ice packs
    • Often the hospital will send you home with a few extras if you ask for those first few days home
    • Have some soft ice packs ready in the freezer for when you run out
  • Witch hazel pads 
    • Used to prevent postpartum hemorrhoids and help with perineal pain
  • Maxi pads 
    • Until postpartum bleeding lets up, these will come in handy. Stock up for at least 2-3 weeks
  • Large cotton undies 
  • Sitz bath 
    • Designed to help with postpartum pain
  • Acetaminophen
    • Will help with overall aches, and pain and is safe while breastfeeding.
  • Stool softener & fiber
    • Fill up on fiber to prevent constipation and stool softeners, to get things going, if needed
  • Check-in with your doctor
    • Our emotions are high and easily go from up to down. Check in and be truthful with your doctor to be sure you are receiving all the care you need! Read our blog post, More Than the Baby Blues, to help you know what’s normal and when it may be time to reach out.


  • Nursing bras 
    • Invest in a few comfy nursing bras that fit you well. Size up from your original size to give your new growing breast room and comfort
    • Have a few on hand, as these get soaked pretty regularly
  • Nursing pads
    • Reusable or disposable 
    • Have these on hand for in-between nursing. Your breast will leak when the baby cries
  • Nipple cream 
  • Breast pump or breast pump order/Rx (Set this up ahead of time with your insurance carrier; most are provided for free.)

Miscellaneous Items for the Home

  • Paper plates and plastic silverware 
    • Stocking up on these seems silly, but the last thing you’ll want to do is a mountain of dishes along with sanitizing bottles. 
  • Frozen homemade meals 
    • This will surely come in handy! During your pregnancy, cook a few of your favorite freezable meals OR ask friends and family to drop off frozen homemade meals! Nothing better than Grandma’s Lasagna! also provides a great an easy way to organize meals for friends after birth, surgery, or illness.

Your postpartum care is so important! We all get wrapped up in the excitement of baby, we tend to forget about ourselves. From moms who have been there a time or two (or more), learn how to take care of you and your body! The better you are taken care of, the more energy and love you will have to share with that beautiful baby you have created. 

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Moms on Call Premier Consulting Network

Moms on Call Premier Consulting Network

With each and every Moms on Call Consulting experience, we have one goal in mind—to equip you with the confidence you need to become the best parent possible for your child. We are proud to partner with Certified Consultants who are uniquely trained to work with families utilizing the Moms on Call philosophy. All Consultants are nurses with pediatric experience who have used Moms on Call within their homes. Tell Me More! Our Premier Consulting Network now has easy online booking with immediate availability options. From full consults (in your home or virtually) to unlimited email packages or quick, 30-minute phone calls where you can get 2-3 specific questions answered or simply figure out if Moms on Call is for you; we have an option for every family. In-home Consultations (limited areas) are great for hands-on support.  The In-home Consult allows you and your consultant to work together through all the day-to-day realities with hands-on demonstrations, feeding support, and practice as you navigate the newborn through toddler years. During your appointment, you and your Consultant will discuss everything from everyday issues and questions, sleep and nap routines, typical daily schedules, comfortable feeding options, and healthy growth. In-home Consults are designed to support one baby (or twins). Includes 1 month of unlimited email support so your consultant can help guide your family and walk alongside you as you navigate your new normal. For a complete description of an In-home Consultation, including topics covered, visit here. Our Virtual Consultations include: Feeding support for all options, personalized routine support, and demonstrations Working with your Consultant to make a specific plan and routine for your family Support for upcoming transitions according to age, like sleeping through the night, unswaddling, developmental breakthroughs, daycare, and toddler issues by design With 1-1.5 hours of face-to-face meeting time (virtually) plus 1 month of unlimited email support, it’s the perfect option for getting the details and personalization you need! Virtual Consults are designed to support one baby (or twins). For a complete description of a Virtual Consultation and everything that’s included, visit here. With unlimited Email Support, you can pick whether you want to try it for 1 week, take it 1 month at a time, or know that you’ll have a trusted partner with ongoing support for 3 months. Whichever package you choose, you work one-on-one with the same Consultant so that they can get to know you and your family. No bots, algorithms, or outsourced support. Email Support is ideal for the following: Parents who have a list of specific questions based on specific needs. Families familiar with Moms on Call and have already read the books or taken online courses. Parents who desire a trusted voice to walk alongside you and navigate the day-to-day questions. Moms and dads who want to email on their schedule and timeframe. For a more detailed look at what to expect with Email Support, visit here. Your consultant will meet you right where you are! Wherever you are in your parenting journey, Moms on Call will meet you there. You and your Consultant will navigate all of your questions together with custom guidance for your family. (You will likely get answers to questions before you even knew you had them!) Our consultations are specific to the Moms on Call methodology, and all of our Consultants are nurses with pediatric experience and have used MOC in their own homes. What’s Included with Premier Consulting Services? You will have access to your own Consultant that knows you and your family Special discounts on MOC products* Regular, developmental information specific to your child’s age* Additionally, Moms on Call provides ongoing customer service support for customers who book appointments with Premier Certified Consultants.  *These benefits are included with In-home Consult, Virtual Consult, and 1 and 3 Month Email Support packages only. Ready to get started? Here’s what to do next. Search our list of qualified consultants by selecting the type of service you prefer and select a consultant who is ready and excited to work with your family! From in-home services to quick email options, we’ve got a wide range of services that match your needs, budget, and availability. Get peace of mind for your parenting with Moms on Call. Have more questions? Email [email protected] for additional information regarding consultation services or assistance choosing a consulting service that best suits your family!
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Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby

This is the moment you’ve dreamed about and waited for. You’ve planned for this day and have curated a special place in your home for this little one. It’s FINALLY time to bring home, baby! Umm, YAY! This is more than a celebration; this special moment will be in your memories forever. So, what do those first few moments at home look like? And what can you do to prepare? The Basics When Bringing Home Baby In those first few days at home, you will learn the basics of caring for your baby. It can feel a bit overwhelming walking into your home with a new little being that you’ve created without an instruction manual! No worries, Moms on Call’s got you covered! Take a look at our Basic Videos linked below for those first special moments at home! Moms on Call Basic Videos Baby Basics: Swaddling Baby Basics: Proper Nail Clipping Baby Basics: Nasal Suctioning Baby Basics: Soothing Baby Basics: Burping Techniques Baby Basics: Rectal Temperature Baby Basics: Ideal Sleep Environment We recommend a dual-firmness crib mattress like the Sleep & Grow Crib Mattress. It features extra-firm support that infants need on one side and less firmness on the other side to provide the comfort that toddlers prefer so that it will grow with your baby and their nursery! Baby Basics: Bathing Baby Basics: Diapering Now we’ve mastered the basics and are settling into the day-to-day routine. But what does the day-to-day look like for those first two weeks? In the Moms on Call Books, Online Courses, and Scheduler App 2.0, you can find our typical day schedules for two weeks to four years! Here is a quick breakdown of what the day-to-day routine looks like during the first 2 weeks before we progress into schedules. Feed on demand every 2-3 hours From the start of one feeding to the start of the next! We are feeding for 30-45 minutes ‘from start to finish.’ Including burping (for both breast and bottle-fed babies). Try and spend about 2-3 minutes burping (do it ¾ of the way through the feeding and at the end). Keeping baby awake for feedings can be the most challenging part! Scratch the bottoms of their feet. Undress them down to the diaper. You can also wipe their heads with a cool washcloth to help them stay awake for the feeding. Extend tons of grace – you are both just getting the hang of this! Those first two weeks are a transition period for the entire family. You’ve got this! Then if baby is healthy and gaining weight, we can adjust to the 2-4 Week Typical Day Schedule found in the Moms on Call Resources. Babies with GI reflux are considered “healthy” as long as they are gaining weight In those first few weeks, we are keeping track of wet/dirty diapers, feeds, and, well, just about everything! The brand new Moms on Call Scheduler 2.0 app is the perfect tool for busy parents ready to calm the chaos and create predictable routines that actually work! Based on decades of pediatric health and development experience, we’ve designed a solution that allows parents to implement Moms on Call’s Typical Day schedules while easily tracking naps, nighttime sleep, feedings, and diaper changes without stress.  What’s Next When Bringing Home Baby? Consistency is key! Having a few key markers in the day creates familiarity for our little ones.  Stick to the schedule as much as life allows!  Set realistic expectations!  Especially for those daytime naps!  Extend tons of grace!  This journey is new, and there will be bumps in the road; that is completely normal! Here is a list of blogs where we discuss some more firsts! The First Two Weeks Our Top 5 FAQs for Babies at 4 Weeks Postpartum To-Do’s Moms on Call’s Guide to Postpartum Care Favorite Crib Mattresses, Travel Cribs, and Bouncers at Every Price Point Moms on Call’s Tip 5 Tips for Your Preemie Baby 5 Tips for Parenting a Toddler and a Newborn
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