When you have a baby, feeding is a main topic of conversation. We have partnered with Bobbie to bring the conversation about the modern-day feeding journey to life. And what we’ve recognized in partnering with thousands of families is that the modern-day feeding journey includes all types of feeding and how you feed your baby isn’t nearly as important as the person doing the feeding.

In this bonus episode of The Moms on Call Podcast, Jennifer and Laura talk with Bobbie Formula’s CEO, Laura Modi, about the modern-day feeding journey, including: 

  • Their own personal stories of feeding their combined 11 children.
  • The different types of feeding options and benefits of each, with no one size fits all approach.
  • Bobbie’s mission to support all parents and their personal journeys by evolving the conversation from “How is breastfeeding going?” to “How is feeding going?”

Thank you to Bobbie for sponsoring this bonus podcast episode and giving us the opportunity to recognize and appreciate all types of feeding. Because we can all agree that how you feed your baby is not nearly as important as the person doing the feeding.

Bobbie wants to support the feeding journeys of the Moms on Call community and they’re offering a generous 25% discount for your first box of Bobbie. If you want to see if it’s a good fit for your baby, use code MOMSONCALL25 at

The team at Bobbie is committed to supporting all types of feeding and evolving the feeding conversation. Learn more at and

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