In this bonus episode, Laura Modi, CEO of Bobbie, answers 5 common questions about baby formula, like what to look for and how to supplement.

In this bonus episode, Laura Modi, CEO of Bobbie Formula, answers the 5 most common questions about baby formula, including:

  • What does “EU style formula” mean? What is the hype with European Formula?  
  • For people who want to start supplementing with formula, how should they start and how do breast milk and formula work together? 
  • What should parents be looking for in a formula label? 
  • What are normal reactions to a new formula during the transition period? How do I know if a formula is a good fit? 
  • If you’re nervous about sharing your decision to use formula, what are some things that you can say to ease the conversation and address any judgement that may happen?

Thank you to Bobbie for sponsoring this bonus podcast episode and giving us the opportunity to recognize and appreciate all types of feeding. Because we can all agree that how you feed your baby is not nearly as important as the person doing the feeding.

Bobbie wants to support the feeding journeys of the Moms on Call community and they’re offering a generous 25% discount for your first box of Bobbie. If you want to see if it’s a good fit for your baby, use code MOMSONCALL25 at

The team at Bobbie is committed to supporting all types of feeding and evolving the feeding conversation. Learn more at and

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