A Moms on Call Baby: Morgan’s Must Have Products for Baby #3

As Moms on Call’s CEO, Morgan, prepares for Baby #3, she’s sharing her tried and true favorite baby products and new ones she can’t wait to try!

For the second post in our A Moms on Call Baby series, I am sharing a quick pregnancy update and my list of must have baby products for Baby #3! Just joining? Catch up by reading the first post in our series, which includes the things I wish I knew during my first pregnancy!

22 Weeks

At 22 weeks, I am generally feeling well — better than I did the first 16 weeks, but not as well as I did during my first two pregnancies. Some days, I feel like time has flown by, while other days I can’t believe I still have 18(ish) weeks to go.  This pregnancy continues to be completely different than my first two!  My energy level is noticeably lower than it was at 22 weeks with our boys and I am just bigger overall (Laura’s Cranberry Hootycreek Cookies haven’t helped)!  Safe to say that my bump is now a legitimate baby and not a questionable lunchtime burrito.  

I had my anatomy scan two weeks ago and while seeing the baby is always exciting, I do get a little nervous before ultrasounds.  My boys typically measured 1-2 weeks behind, with my second’s growth completely stopping towards the end.  So, for this pregnancy, my doctor put me in the high-risk category just to be extra safe.  But, I am so happy and relieved to report that Baby Girl is already showing her brothers up and is right on track!  The best part of this stage in pregnancy is that I am feeling her move and those little flutters are my absolute favorite.  

We also decided on her name!  We have always decided on names in advance.  Something about being able to call them by name makes us feel more connected to them (as if literally growing them wasn’t enough)!  Between feeling her move, calling her by name and seeing my belly grow, Baby Girl’s upcoming arrival is getting more real for everyone!  Especially my husband, as he hasn’t been able to come to any doctor’s appointments this time around.

The Baby Registry Scaries

With it being the holidays and ads for holiday sales tempting me on every social media platform, I have also started to think about the “must-have” products we are going to need for Baby Girl.

I still cringe thinking about creating my baby registry during my first pregnancy.  Can anyone else relate?!  Saying that I was overwhelmed with information and recommendations is an understatement.  I wasted hours upon hours researching the seemingly endless options, only to still be confused about what I actually needed!  When all was said and done, I ended up with some amazing staples that I continue to use, lots of stuff I never used and still placed frequent Amazon orders!

With 4 people in this house already, we only have room for the stuff we’re actually going to use.  And with 3 kids under 5, the focus will be on efficiency.  We only want the things that will make our lives easier — whether it’s because they’re budget-friendly, easy to clean, small and compact, easy to use and/or loved by babies! So, with these criteria in mind, I set about making my list.  

I started with my tried and true favorites.  The things that we loved and still have from our first two babies.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?!  

Then, I listed out the new things we’re going to need.  There were a few things I had my eye on based on friends’ recommendations, but there were some holes that I needed help filling.  I was already overwhelmed thinking about the aforementioned hours of research to find the best options out there when I connected with fellow Atlanta mom, Tori Frericks

Tori also has 3 young kids and having moved between 4 different cities in the midst of her newborn days/pregnancies, has become a baby product expert.  She recently created her company, Babes to Babies, to help guide women during this time of uncertainty and offers consulting services that range from helping to create customized registries to hiring help and organizing/safeguarding your home.  I sent Tori my work-in-progress list and within 24 hours she had put together a flipbook of recommendations that were spot on.  It was like she had jumped inside my brain, learned my personality and become my new best friend all at once.

I’ll buy some of these items new, but I am hoping to find many on a local Facebook mom/baby exchange group.  If you haven’t checked them out already, these groups can be great places to find very gently used items from a neighbor down the street!

So, without further ado….

Morgan’s mom-tested, baby-approved must-have products for Baby #3


These are the items you’ll find yourself using daily around the house! Most items are for 0-6 months, but some you won’t use until baby is able to sit up on their own.

Tried and True Favorites

Boppy Newborn Lounger: We used this all the time.  It has a recessed interior for baby’s bottom so that they aren’t lying completely flat.  It is so easy to move around and travel with, plus you can throw it in the washing machine!

Bibs Pacifiers: The best (and prettiest) pacifiers of all time.

Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine: After you hear this sound machine, you’ll never go back.  I was skeptical that there could be such a huge difference in the quality of white noise, but Lectrofan proved me wrong.   Not only is the noise pitch perfect, but it doesn’t have distracting lights. The build is high-quality so you don’t have to worry about it dying after a few months.

Zutano Booties: The only booties I have found that will actually stay on baby’s feet. 

Fisher Price Swing: Our boys loved this so much it made up for the large space it takes up. 

Swaddle Blanket: I joined the Moms on Call team because I truly believe in our products.  This swaddle blanket is no exception.  I tried every swaddle on the market and always came back to this one.  It’s worth the time to learn how to do it right, trust me!

New Additions

BABYBJORN Bouncer: Simple and effective design.  Loved by babies everywhere AND folds completely flat for easy travel!

Keekaroo Changing Pad: Slip and water resistant, with a protective layer that helps to prevent bacteria and mold. I am so excited to ditch the standard changing pad with fabric covers!

Skip Hop Activty Center: Compact with a clean, modern aesthetic.  A rare find for activity centers that baby will love once they can hold their own head up!

Lovevery Play Gym: The Cadillac of play mats.  5 different learning zones that will keep your baby entertained and develop with them through the entire first year.

Puj Bath: With our first two, we followed MOC’s bathtime routine using the adult bathtub and it worked great! But bathtime with 3 may look a little different, so we’ll have the Puj on hand for those nights when a sink bath is all we can manage.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat: A portable, easy to clean must-have once baby can hold their head up.


Leaving the house with a newborn is daunting and involves lots of stuff.  I picked only the items that will be worth the space that they take up!

Tried and True Favorites

Ergo360: Babywearing made easy.  We love the Ergo360 because it’s sturdy, breathable and can be worn in so many different ways.  We used it well beyond the first year with the boys.  Be sure to get the newborn insert too!

Veer Wagon: One of the greatest inventions of all time.  It’s lighter and narrower than many double strollers, folds flat AND independent toddlers think it’s way cooler than a stroller.  This is something you’ll be able to use for years to come, making it a worthy investment (in my opinion)!  Grab the infant seat adaptor to quickly clip on the car seat and go!  (Note: Be sure to get the infant seat adaptor made for your brand of seat!)

SlumberPod: We do not travel without this.  It fits over all standard pack n’ plays and will also fit over a toddler bed. It is so small when folded, we may find ourselves traveling with multiple!  Use code MOMSONCALL$20 for $20 off.

Lectrofan Alpha Travel Sound Machine: The best sound machine ever, in travel form. 

Sarah Wells Pump Bag: Because the complimentary pump bag fits only your pump and screams “there’s a breast pump in here”!  This bag not only looks great, but fits all of your pumping essentials.  (Check out this blog post for my pumping essentials.)

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: I love this because it zips at the top AND has a flap.  It’s big enough to hold everything you need, while still looking classic.

Clip-on fans: Atlanta is approximately 187°F during the summer, so we have at least 3 of these that we keep in our cars and strollers.

Ingelsina Fast Table Chair: You won’t use this until around 6 months, but it’s a worthy mention on this list.  We tend to eat meals at our kitchen island, so we actually use this as our home high chair too.  Quick set-up, the fabric is easily removed for washing and it saves so much space!

New Additions

Doona Infant Car Seat: This is the purchase I am most excited about.  A car seat and stroller…IN ONE.  Gone are the days of back pain and permanent lopsidedness from carrying a massive infant seat around.  It quickly morphs into a stroller so that I can push baby and have a hand available for my two fearless toddlers.

Solly Wrap: This will keep her snug and cozy against me, while giving me both hands to use.  We’ll use this around the house and the Ergo360 when we’re on the go and more movement is involved.

Lotus Crib: I challenged Tori with finding me the unicorn of pack n’ plays — sturdy, yet lightweight and easy-to-assemble — and she delivered!

Fisher Price On-the-Go Baby Dome: We went to the beach with friends who had a newborn this summer and this was so helpful.  Clip-on a fan and baby is perfectly content (and safe) while you’re at a friend’s house, the pool, beach, etc.!

Summer Pop n’ Jump Portable Activity Center: This will be a staple once Baby Girl can sit up and we’re on the go!


A lot of these items are going to depend on how breastfeeding goes. I will hold off on buying anything new until she’s here and we know more.  My feeding experiences with our first two babies were very different; but the one thing that was consistent was that the more stressed I was about it, the worse it went.  If breastfeeding works out this time, great! And if it doesn’t, I have amazing options that will give our baby everything she needs.

Tried and True Favorites

Spectra S1 pump: This runs off of a battery so I don’t have to be attached to the wall and provides the same suction strength as wall-powered pumps.  Always check with your insurance to see if you can get your breast pump fully or partially covered!

NUK First Essentials Bottles: An inexpensive, reliable classic that works every time and is a breeze to clean.

Munchkin Bottle Warmer: After constantly battling a much more expensive bottle warmer, my sister-in-law found this little gem. It is quick, inexpensive and compact!

Boppy Nursing Pillow: I tried several different nursing pillows and this is my favorite. It fits around me perfectly, giving me the support I need to sit fully upright (saving my back), while also getting the baby in the best position possible.

New Things We *Might* Be Trying

Haakaa: There is nothing sadder than wasting your liquid gold.  The Haakaa suctions to one side while you are feeding on the other to collect precious letdown and milk that would otherwise be lost!

Elvie Pump: This is pricey, so I’ll be keeping an eye on Facebook for a used one and will definitely hold off on purchasing until we see how breastfeeding goes.  If it works out, the Elvie will be a must.  It fits in your bra, is silent and has no tubes or wires.  I would plan to use this when on-the-go or with my toddlers, and the Spectra when I’m working or able to sit by myself for a bit.  Multitasking at its finest!

Baby Brezza Sterilizer: Like me, Tori used microwaveable sanitizing bags with her first two babies. She switched to the Brezza Sterilizer with her third and swears by it.  Tori said that she found it easier than the bags because it also stored bottles throughout the day; so, she would run it every night and then grab the bottles the following day as she needed them. I was still hesitant about having one more appliance on the counter, but she reassured me that she actually kept it in her pantry and just took it out at night! Sold!

Bobbie Formula: I could shout from the rooftops about how excited I am for this product. Coming January 2021, it is the first-ever USA-made, European style formula that meets all FDA requirements.  No corn syrup, no palm oil, no maltodextrin and completely organic.  You’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this product in 2021!  Follow them for the latest updates.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro: If we go the formula route, the Baby Brezza makes perfectly mixed, warm bottles instantly.

Be sure to also reference Moms on Call’s Products We Love for 0-6 Months to round out your list! 

I hope that this was helpful and saves you some valuable hours of research! What other products do you love that I should be add to my list?  Let us know on social media and we’ll keep our Amazon list updated with new finds!

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