Natalie McClenahan

Natalie McClenahan

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise:

  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiology
  • Personalized Routines
  • Multiple Age Household
  • Sleep
  • Toddler Designs

Natalie is a boy mom and pediatric registered nurse! She has experience caring for the pediatric population in many different settings including cardiology, urgent care, and critical care at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Natalie remembers the challenges of becoming a new mom, and she will be a kind and empathetic listening ear as she comes alongside you and your family on this parenting journey. Her passion as a mom and nurse is to care for your baby/toddler while supporting and encouraging you as parents as well.

Natalie will meet you exactly where you are at to navigate the challenges of caring for your little ones by providing personalized support and practical advice! She looks forward to walking with you to fine-tune the Moms on Call Methodology in a personalized way for your family.

Reviews from the parents

Reviews from the parents

Mother kissing baby

“We’ve been following MOC since our daughter was 2 weeks old and even with colic, she was sleeping well at night! When she started to have some regressions at night, I booked with Natalie! Since then, we’ve gotten my 3.5 month old right back on track sleeping better thru the night than ever before! Natalie also helped shed some light on day naps to help her transition with changes we made at night!! MOC has given my husband and I hope and peace of mind that we can handle crazy days!”

Twin feet

“We reached out to MOC about an in-home consult even though we were not in the service area. Natalie opened up availability for us around our due date, which we were so grateful for. Natalie was so helpful with our twins. We have struggled with tandem feeding and bath time. She came in and showed us easy ways to accommodate both babies (and make it easier on us). They were so content and we feel so much more comfortable juggling two babies at once! “

Baby crib

“Our Bailey has been keeping us on our toes since she entered the world. Her day naps were non-existent and although her night time sleep was decent, it needed some work. Natalie helped us get Bailey’s day naps adjusted so she would sleep better at night!! Although the consult was largely about sleep, Natalie helped tremendously with other things such as teething, eating and diapering at night! I’ve been a pediatric nurse for 8 years and had no idea where to start with a baby of my own- funny how that works. Natalie has been truly informative, reassuring and even helped my mental health when making decisions about my daughters sleep. I’m so glad we chose MOC consulting and had Natalie to help us! “


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