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Toddler Troubles: Toothbrushing and Head Banging

This Week on the Podcast: Tackling Tooth Brushing and Toddler Head Banging

As parents, we’re told from the beginning that teaching good tooth-brushing habits early is crucial. But what happens when your toddler refuses to use anything but their favorite training toothpaste? One mom in Oregon is facing this exact challenge. Is it really a big deal?

The reassuring news is that this is one area where you don't need to worry too much. We’ll dive into why it’s okay and how to make the transition smoother.
However, another common concern for parents is a toddler who enjoys banging their head on things. What could be driving this behavior? Understanding your toddler’s development can shed light on this perplexing habit.

Join us this week on the podcast, where we’ll offer practical advice and expert insights to help you navigate these parenting challenges. Tune in for:

  • Real-life stories from parents like you
  • Expert tips on easing toothpaste transitions
  • Insights into toddler behavior and development

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