Staying out Past Bedtime Using Moms on Call

Staying Out Past Bedtime Using Moms on Call

Moms on Call believes that flexibility in parenting is essential, especially when life takes you beyond your child's bedtime. We understand that there are occasions when you want to enjoy dinner with friends, attend family gatherings, or savor a beautiful Fall evening stroll after dinner. These moments are so important. The key is to strike a balance between maintaining your routine and allowing room for some exceptions.

The Occasional Bedtime Flexibility

While we advocate for a consistent routine, it's important to recognize that life doesn't always follow a schedule. Occasionally, staying out past your child's bedtime can be a wonderful experience, and it can work out well for both you and your little one. However, it's essential to be mindful of not making this a frequent occurrence, as it can disrupt your baby's sleep patterns.

Feeding on the Go

One way to accommodate a late-night outing is to feed your baby at their usual bedtime feeding time, wherever you are.

Hang Out and Enjoy

After the bedtime feed, let your baby hang out and participate in the evening's activities. Engage with them, introduce them to friends and family, or simply enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Babies are more adaptable than we often give them credit for.

Bedtime Routine

Once you're home, follow your regular bedtime routine minus the bath. Wash their face, change their diaper, and put them in comfy pajamas. Kisses and prayers, then top off with a feeding (may be partial or complete). Place in the crib or bassinet as you usually would.

Get Back on Track

The next morning, return to your typical routine by starting with the first-morning feeding at the usual time. This will help re-establish your baby's schedule.

Remember, parenting is about balance and adapting to the ever-changing needs of your family and the adventures that may present themselves.

Moms on Call provides simple, sensible parenting resources to sleep, feed, laugh, and love birth through toddlerhood. If you are looking for additional support, MOC Certified Consultants are here for you.

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