Spring Into Action

Spring into Action

If you’ve got little ones laying, crawling or running around the house, we’re here to help make spring cleaning a breeze!

Spring cleaning is all about refreshing your space, setting the new season’s intention and having a little fun with it! Cleaning with littles around is definitely a challenge, but it's not impossible.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Set realistic expectations and give yourself grace!
  • Make a list of rooms you intend to clean. We like to set a realistic expectation of 1 room every 2 days. See below.

Day 1

  • Spend this day getting rid of outgrown items, clothing, and toys. These items can be passed down to friends, family or donated to your local charity.
  • Separate items into giveaway, keep, save for later, and keepsakes.
  • Refresh your room with new pillows, update pictures, plants, candles, put away that winter décor, etc!

Day 2

  • Organization, cleaning surfaces, sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Tips to get littles involved (in helpful ways!)
    • If you have a toddler or older kiddo, providing them with some washcloths, a small broom and letting them push the vacuum with your help are all fun ways to get involved.
    • Use a chore chart, involving them in small tasks.
    • Play some music while cleaning! If your little is too young to join in the cleaning, place them in a swing, bouncy or playard in the room and keep poking around to let them know you're there.

Everything has a place!

  • Create organization by adding storage containers and baskets in your living spaces.
    • This is great for toys! Having a dedicated basket or bin of toys available for your little in your living space is a great way to keep toys contained and simplify clean-up!

What to keep and what to toss?

  • Choosing what items to keep or toss can be hard.
    • Toss items in the giveaway pile that don’t give you excitement anymore (décor, clothes, etc).
    • Toss items that are too small, littles have grown out of age-wise (ex: teething toys, playmats, swings) and toys that no longer interest them.
    • Winter items and décor can be stored for later. This goes for clothes that you may have purchased a size too big or were passed down by a sibling.
    • Keepsake tip: We like to keep one item from each stage of baby/childhood. Then next year, we go through it again! (It may not hold the same precious value it did the year past.)
  • We keep separate containers for winter, holiday and keepsake items that can slip right under a bed or in a closet.

We hope these tips and tricks have made cleaning your space a bit more FUNctional! From one momma to another, patience and grace will get you through this!

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