Sippy Cup 101 with Katherine Sanchez of The Informed SLP

Sippy Cup 101 with Katherine Sanchez of The Informed SLP

Navigating the sea of advice on sippy cups can make any parent's head spin. Everywhere you turn, there's a do or don't that adds to the burden of choice. Want to sift through the noise and find out what's truly best for your little one? Take a deep breath; we've got you covered.

👶 Sippy Cups Demystified - This Week's Podcast Highlight

Join us this week as we sit down with the insightful Katherine Sanchez from The Informed SLP.

💡 Busting Sippy Cup Myths

  • Cutting through the clutter of misconceptions
  • Unveiling data-backed truths for your peace of mind

Choosing the Perfect Cup

  • Tailored insights for the unique needs of your child
  • Personal testimonials from fellow parents

🥤 Transitioning to Open Cups

  • Age-appropriate tips and signs for readiness
  • Step-by-step guidance for a smooth transition

Listen in for a blend of professional expertise and practical advice that promises to ease your sippy cup conundrums. With Katherine's wisdom, find the confidence to make informed decisions that pave the way for your toddler's drinking independence.

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