Simplifying the perfect burp

The Perfect Burp For Babies Made Simple

The three key components to producing that elusive yet satisfying burp involve:

  1. Timing
  2. Positioning
  3. Expectations


  • The natural timing of the perfect burp is ¾ of the way through a feeding and at the end.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, burp in between each side and at the end.
  • Burping sessions last 2-3 minutes tops (this is a sprint – not a marathon).


  • Over the shoulder with some light pats that go from the middle of the back upwards.
  • Our fave – “the waffle iron” – see here (not a real appliance – just a description of how to position a baby so their legs actually put a little pressure on that sweet spot right under the rib cage that helps the bigger air bubble get to the top)
  • Repositioning – Just like a Coke bottle that has an air bubble at the bottom, in order to get it to the top – you reposition. Recline the baby and then place them in a seated position a bit more over their thighs and then pat the back from middle to upper area x 1 min, then repeat – recline/sit up/ pat-pat-pat. Do that three times, and the third time may produce a burp upon sitting up!


  • If that burp does not appear within about 3 minutes… then we manage expectations.
  • Not all babies are designed to burp well. What doesn’t come out of the attic will come out the basement. So, it is not essential to burp with every feeding.
  • It is OK to move on.

Watch this quick video of Laura Hunter, MOC Co-Founder, demonstrating some of our favorite burping techniques discussed above.

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