Autism awareness

Season 3 Episode 29 | Autism Awareness and Acceptance with Jackie from Be Kind to Everyone

We're so excited to share with you the latest episode of our Moms on Call parenting podcast, all about babies and toddlers!

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, dedicated to spreading the word about autism and working to build a more inclusive world.

In honor of that, today on the podcast, we are talking to Jackie Moore from the Be Kind to Everyone Podcast. Her 22-year-old daughter Jordyn was diagnosed with autism at age two.

A few years ago, they started as a summer project to teach Jordyn job skills. Their message quickly exploded into a social media movement with millions of followers all over the world.

We'll talk to Jackie about starting the shirt shop, her advice to parents that may have just got an autism diagnosis for their child, and how you can be a friend to that parent.

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