can I start a sleep schedule at 13 months?

Season 3 Episode 18 | Can I start a sleep schedule at 13 months?

We’re back with our new podcast episode. We’re talking all things sleep schedules at 13 months, toddlers, sleeping through the night, and time zone traveling!

Avery from Fort Myers has a toddler and a second baby due in two months. She's wondering, can you start a sleep schedule at 13 months, or is that too late?

Kristen from California has an 8-month-old baby sleeping long stretches at night but won't take one single daytime nap in his crib. She needs some advice!

Virginia from South Georgia is taking a trip two time zones away. Should she continue with the schedule they are currently on, wake up two hours earlier with her baby, or get onto the new time zone upon arrival?

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