Season 2 Episode 8 | Two babies sleeping through the night is possible!

Welcome to Season 2 of The Moms on Call Podcast! We hope you love our brand-new show format designed to be short, sweet and full of trusted information from pediatric experts. This season, we are going in-depth with answers to your questions. If you have anything you want to ask, please leave us a message at 888-234-7979.

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Today's calls:

  • Avery in Fort Myers: Our daughter's about to be 13 months old and she still wakes up at least once a night, and that's a good night. Is it too late to sleep train her now? If it's not, should we wait until the new baby comes (due in two months) and then sleep train them both together?
  • Kristen from Monterey, California: My almost eight week old baby is giving us long stretches at night, which has been awesome, anywhere between five and a half to seven and a half pretty consistently. But he won't take one single daytime nap in his crib. Any advice you have for daytime naps?
  • Virginia from South Georgia: In April we will be taking a trip to Colorado, and I know the time we'll go back two hours. We'll be staying for five days, four nights. When I get there, should I immediately go to the new time and stick to her schedule? Or should I just keep the schedule we have and maybe wake up two hours earlier with her and put her down two hours earlier so that when she gets back home she'll be fine?

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