Season 2 Episode 9 | Time zone travel without ruining sleep routines

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With summer right around the corner, everyone is getting excited about vacations and travel ... but NOT parents of kids who love their sleep schedules. Time zone traveling can create a nightmare when it comes to keeping littles in a routine, but it CAN be done. Laura and Jennifer help Karen from Portland get back on track to start out today's episode.

We went on vacation recently and we got off schedule. We were three time zones away and now nobody's sleeping at all. How do we get back on track? Oh, and just as importantly, how do we avoid that the next time we go on vacation? Coming back to reality has been absolutely brutal.

Today's bonus calls:

  • Rose in New York City: I leave home at 5:30 in the morning and return home at 8:45 PM. I have an almost four year old and an eight month old. Both sleep with me in my bed, even though they have their own bed, and I go like a ping pong between them, breastfeeding and hugging all night long. I am tired physically and mentally. I just really need help on how to fix our routine, especially around nighttime. My mother and husband help, but they're pretty much pushovers and they don't follow the schedule.
  • Lacey in Tennessee: My three month old has several allergies that we're working through right now. I've cut a lot out of my diet and she seems to feel better, but for this reason we've not done sleep training yet. Do you think it's okay to sleep train her now, with allergies, or should I wait?
  • Lauren from Louisville, Kentucky: I am a first time mom with a 17 week old, who has slept through the night for eight weeks. He was showing signs around 14, 15 weeks to move up to the new schedule, so we did that and now he has been waking up early and it's messing up our whole schedule. I need help.

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