Season 2 Episode 1 | My baby won't sleep, now what?

Welcome to Season 2 of The Moms on Call Podcast! We hope you love our brand-new show format designed to be short, sweet and full of trusted information from pediatric experts.

This season, we are going in-depth with answers to your questions. If you have anything you want to ask, please leave us a message at 888-234-7979.

We are kicking things off with this question from Ashley, who lives in San Diego with her two little ones:

"Our first baby was sleeping through the night at eight weeks and has always been the happiest baby, thanks to you guys. However, our second baby is 11 weeks old now and is so different from our first. We can't get him to nap for more than 30, 40 minutes. He's still waking up once a night and having colicky fits. We just thought that we'd be past this stage by now. He even spits up my breast milk like crazy so I'm trying formula. And I even gave up coffee and wine (so I have nothing to live for now). Currently, he's in a bassinet in our room so I'm going to try moving his crib downstairs but obviously I'm nervous about him waking up his older sister. I have four weeks to get him sleeping through the night before I have to go back to work. Please help us."

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