Refusing Solid Foods and Sugary Treats at Daycare

Refusing Solid Foods and Sugary Treats at Daycare 

Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we’re diving into the delicate dance of daycare diplomacy. Picture this: You’ve finally found the perfect spot for your little ones to learn and grow, but you realize there’s a sweet issue—too many treats being handed out. So, how do you address your concerns without stirring up trouble? We understand the stakes are high, not just in keeping that sought-after daycare spot but in ensuring your child’s health and happiness.

In today’s episode, we unlock the secrets to communicating effectively with your daycare provider about giving out treats.

Plus, we shine a light on the challenges of transitioning your baby to solid foods—with a helping hand from our incredible Moms on Call certified consultants. These are the real conversations with practical, real-world advice that you’ve come to depend on.

How would you handle this daycare dilemma? We’d love to hear your thoughts! This episode is more than just a talk—it’s about equipping you with strategies that foster a flourishing environment for your children.

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Looking forward to tackling the parenting world together—one sweet dilemma and one spoonful at a time. Don’t forget to use the code PODCAST for a special 20% discount on all Moms on Call products!

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