Prioritizing sleep when baby is sick

Prioritizing Sleep When Baby is Sick

Knowing what to do while our littles are sick is so tough. And with healthy children getting as many as 6-8 colds a year, it impacts every household!

There's nothing worse than finding yourself in a consistent routine, with great sleep, only to be interrupted by illness. So, how much can you really control a routine when they just aren't feeling well?

Realistically, we really cannot control much when our littles are sick. Our job is to help them through it!

So, once you have checked in with your pediatrician and are back home, then what?

Here are our 10 simple tips to help get your household through to the other side:

  1. Rest!
    • This is a huge piece to fighting an illness.
  2. Do not change or move up in routines or begin “sleep training” when sick.
  3. Rockstar Moms on Call sleeper?
    • You may find yourself in unfamiliar territory. And it will be OKAY!
    • With illness, you may find they sleep multiple times throughout the day, may have multiple night wakings, and seem not to want to be out of your arms.
    • This is normal, and we will return to those great sleep habits once they are better.
  4. It is okay to allow them to sleep more throughout the day.
  5. Increase fluids.
  6. Lots and lots of snuggles.
  7. Try and keep what we can consistent.
  8. Run a humidifier
  9. Use Saline Nasal Spray (non-medicated)
    • Nasal suctioning can be intimidating!
    • Check out our post on what you need with a quick and simple how-to video!
  10. Nasal Aspirator to help relieve congestion.

Once they are feeling better, jump right back into the Moms on Call Sleep Guidelines and schedule according to your littles' age. Within 3-5 nights, everyone will be sleeping well again.

For more tips to survive cold and flu season, check out Baby’s First Cold: A Parent’s Survival Guide written by Dr. Steven Goudy, Pediatric ENT.

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