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Season 3 Episode 12 | Exploring postpartum plastic surgery: A conversation with Dr. Thomas Litner, MD, FACS

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Exploring Postpartum Plastic Surgery

Laura and Jen had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Thomas Litner, a plastic surgeon who specializes in Postpartum Plastic Surgery. A conversation that is many times NOT talked about.

Serving residents of the North Metro Atlanta area, including Marietta, board-certified plastic surgeon Thomas Lintner, MD prides himself on providing personalized attention to each of his patients. Health, family, and education form the strong foundation for both his Atlanta plastic surgery practice and his whole outlook on life.

Dr. Thomas Lintner does not just want to be your plastic surgeon; he wants to be a trusted consultant. Rather than trying just to make a profit, he would prefer to educate you on the procedure that will give you “the most bang for your buck.” A firm believer in honesty, Dr. Lintner will even advise you if a cosmetic procedure is unnecessary.

Dr. Lintner wants to be accessible to you. He does not believe that you should have to go through an answering service to communicate with him, so he provides his personal cell phone number to all of his patients.

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