family game night

Play Like No One is Watching

Written by Moms on Call || Photography by Shannon Jean Cole

What is the key to inviting play into the day? The key to using the natural nemesis of stress to deescalate the tensions that sneak into the daily routine?

Play like no one is watching. Almost all of our moments can feel like they have to be Insta-worthy to be worthy at all. If ‘play for pubic consumption’ has you stressed, play like no one is watching, no one is taping, no one is commenting and let the sweet freedom of unbridled laughter be the best kept secret that ever fueled your finest moments.

Throw expectations to the wind. Play can unravel under the weight of over-planning. Play is the best companion as it is, by nature, both spontaneous and forgiving.

Embrace your quirks. Not every parent enjoys crafts. We are not all lovers of unbridled silliness, but we ALL have something to offer the play experience. Engage in your own way. Find your sweet spot. You will know when you discover it. It feels relaxed and authentic.

Play on the cheap. Inspiration is literally everywhere for the taking. When it comes to play, ideas are a shared commodity. Use, modify, personalize and enhance all of the ideas that are awaiting you, from exploring the shape of the clouds to a having an epic staring contest – no one has to release any Benjamins to have fun.

Harness the power of play. Play restores what stress depletes. Play is a natural PRODUCER of energy, not a consumer. This misunderstood commodity is better than night cream, chocolate and/or Cryotherapy (or chocolate Cryotherapy which would probably attract a few more people – just sayin’)! The simple fact is that play restores what stress depletes. So, let us not neglect the very thing that revives us.

Ready to play like no one is watching? Throw expectations to the wind? Embrace what you bring to the world without spending a dime and looking healthier than all your peers with energy to spare! (Overboard?…perhaps; but perhaps not). See our blog post entitled Five Times the Fun for a ton of practical ideas!

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