Mom kissing baby on the cheek

Persistence over Perfection

As parents, we have this common fear of not being perfect. Nothing in this world makes us want to be perfect more than our precious children do. But, far be it for any child to bear the considerable burden of being raised by the perfect parent.

That’s why, at Moms on Call, we encourage persistence over perfection.

It is actually our shortcomings, challenges and resourcefulness that serve our children best. Whether we like it or not, our imperfection is an overlooked, essential ingredient to successfully raising our children. We are each unique and so are our children. If you are looking for a false sense of perfection, you will not find it here. We embrace the realities of parenting, and all of its wildly imperfect moments.

This is exactly our inspiration for our easy-to-read guides, daily schedules and parenting tips. We even included “crazy day” guidelines to accommodate those days that life does not run on schedule. Why? Because we have been there. We understand that delays are to be expected, emotions can derail a well-laid plan and diarrhea happens without our permission.

We have found that navigating the surprises of our day together, is greater than perfection. And then we are free to capture some true moments of laughter and enjoyment. Because that is what makes parenting so deeply satisfying. And isn’t that, in itself, ironically, just a dash of pure perfection?

From basic baby care to the trenches of toddlerhood, we are here with you through it all! Our resources guide you through the basics of feeding, sleeping, and safety, including general cheat sheets and tips to get you through each imperfectly perfect day. Moms on Call’s Online Video Courses and books are designed to work together to guide you through every stage from birth to toddlerhood with confidence. For personalized, one-on-one support in implementing the Moms on Call methods, reach out to partner with a Moms on Call Consultant who will be excited and honored to be part of you and your family’s journey.

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