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Parenting in the Chaos

There is no doubt that this week has been a time of uncertainty. Plans being disrupted. Worries about tomorrow. Concerns about our families and friends.

The Truth:

  • Tomorrow has always been uncertain. You are strong, adaptable and resilient and will figure out how to thrive.
  • Extend Grace. Things will feel chaotic at times. Siblings may get on each other’s nerves, tears will be shed, homes will be messy and some days we will just survive. We are in this together.
  • We know it may not feel like everything is going to be okay, but we can lean into our daily routines and focus on the next task. When you are feeling overwhelmed with what seems like the big things, go back to the routine and just do the next thing.

Here is an example of a day at home. Use what works for you and your household!

  • Set wake up time in the morning (sleeping in is a slippery slope).
  • Get dressed like it is a regular day. This helps us all maintain a structure that expects that we will be ready for each day.
  • SMART© Engagement Time: Run these things in 10-15 minute increments like preschool centers. This engages every design type at some point.

Social – Costume dress-up and giggle time

Movement – Backyard running time or indoor jumping jacks/yoga

An Engineer – Building and puzzles

Rule Follower – Coloring and Simon Says

Touch –Build/adjust the blanket fort and read 2-3 books snuggle-style

  • Lunch: Pre-made lunches are life-savers. Use our Kitchen Hacks blog post to get some great ideas for lunch box goodies that are ready to eat.
  • Nap/quiet time: Be as consistent with this time as you can.
  • Healthy snack and kitchen prep time: Take this time to engage your toddler is preparing the meals for lunch or dinner the next day. If younger, they can play with pots and pans or have messy, supervised fun with the older kids.
  • After Nap time: Unstructured playtime or a repeat of the SMART© Engagement Time above — same order, same timing.
  • Family mealtime
  • Family walk outside: Remember, sunshine and fresh air are part of keeping healthy. We are limiting social interactions not sunshine. Indoor play on rainy days.
  • Bathtime fun
  • Story time/Tender Time/Prayer time
  • Bedtime (If you are not sleeping through the night, see the MOC Online Video Courses to ensure that everyone is getting sustainable rest that serves the whole household).

And when you finally have a few minutes to breathe and want to get updates on the news:

  1. Go to reliable resources for the most updated recommendations such as and your state’s Public Health website (which will give you more specific updates).
  2. Extend grace to yourself, your neighbors and your loved ones. And if anyone has symptoms you can say “I am sure you understand that in this current climate, we are taking extra precautions and would love to see you when you feel better AND the big risks have passed”.
  3. Limit yourself to 30 minutes twice a day of “research and news”. This is not an all-day affair; it will steal your joy. We want to be informed and prepared, not frightened and on edge.

And remember above all things, you are with the people you love. It is okay to get frustrated with how much you are WITH the people you love and things will settle into a new routine with both good days and weird ones. You’ve got this and even when it doesn’t feel like it, you are not alone!

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