Parent Self Care and Supporting a New Mom

Parent Self Care and Supporting a New Mom

This week on the podcast it’s all about parent care!

First, we all love our kids but we also all value some time away from our little ones to have an adult conversation or even just finish a single thought. How much time does a parent need away from their child in order to feel refreshed and not guilty?

While it can be different for every parent, what you do with that time is what is really important and we’ll tell you why.

Then, we’ll talk to a dad who is trying to find the best way to support his wife who is struggling with their newborn. Is there something he can do to help her get some sleep when all this baby wants to do is be with mom and cluster feed?

We’ve heard it too many times: “Babies don’t come with an instruction manual.” So instead of taking the old cliché at its word, we asked, “Why not?”. Visit our website for all that Moms on Call has to offer.

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