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My Rainbow Baby Story, by Emily Blewett

If you are still waiting in hope for your rainbow baby, you are not alone. I feel your heartache, confusion, sorrow, and hope. We have been waiting in hope for 4 years for God’s plan and timing. Our Miracle Worker blessed us with our rainbow baby due November 2022! God is so, so good and faithful!

A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss of a previous child through a miscarriage, stillbirth or in infancy. It is a rainbow after the storm. “Storms build us. Without them, we wouldn’t truly recognize or appreciate fully the blessings God hands us. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives us *hope* of things getting better.” –unknown

My Rainbow Story

I am beyond grateful that God has given us one child, Harper Moon, who is 6 years old. It took 6 rounds of IUI, 2 rounds of IVF, plus countless prayers, tears, needles and even a 5 day hospital stay for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome for us to finally get to hold this sweet baby girl in our arms.

We implanted our last two frozen babies on February 14th 2018, Valentine’s Day, in hopes of making Harper Moon a big sister! I thought this was meant to be – how perfect that our transfer date fell on this special holiday! Sadly, this transfer ended in a miscarriage on Easter weekend. I was reminded that Jesus, His disciples, and followers of Christ weather through many storms and suffering while here on this earth. Jesus died on the cross, so that I can confidently have peace with Him and can face each day with fresh *hope* and grace, even throughout grief and suffering.

While I was in the process of waiting on our rainbow baby, I had to remind myself not to compare my journey to others. I love how God is so personable; that He works things for our good in a way that will be just for us. Our miracle will never look just like those of others.

I know at times you can feel alone and empty, but know you are not alone.

Remember God loved us so much that He sacrificed His own Son to save us.

Cling to God, our loving Father. He is always with us. He sees you.

He hears you.

He wants to comfort you and take care of you.

Every day I had to ask Jesus to help me to trust in His plan for my life. Many days, it was very difficult. It is hard seeing the pregnancy announcements on social media, a pregnant woman out in public, attending baby showers and longing to have a baby. My heart hurts for those who are still longing and waiting for a baby. I am praying for God to comfort and strengthen your hearts during your time of waiting.

inspired by @waiting.in.hope

Emily Blewett, is a proud mom, NICU Nurse, Certified CPR Instructor, Certified Moms on Call Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant + Certified Lactation Counselor. Emily combines the expertise of a nurse, with the care and concern of a mom to partner with you on this wonderful, yet at times confusing and exhausting parenting adventure.

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