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Monday Blues? Add in a Snuggle.

Written by Moms on Call || Photography courtesy of Sara Stanley Photography (@sarastanleyphotos)

Lately, every day feels a bit like Monday. A little chaotic trying to get the littles to stick to our schedules, and some days a little uncertain.

While we are practicing social distancing, it feels like we’ve lost our touch with reality. Today, cure those Monday blues by reeling it in and catching a moment of normalcy. Take a moment and grab a few extra snuggles from your loved ones you’re stuck at home with.

In the morning

Sweet morning butterfly kisses and starting the day with giggles is the way to go. When we start our day happy, there is no taking that moment away.

At our house, when we start our day with doggie kisses and tickles, the kids love it and instantly go from groggy to giggly.

Before Nap

Add some more snuggles to our daily schedule. When we send our littles to sleep, send them off with love.

Bath Time

While bathing our littles, our hands are doing all the loving touches. Try these sweet ways of engaging with them:

  • Point out all their body parts while sudsing up. This is a great developmental skill and so fun for them!
  • Try this, “Tell mommy where your toes are. Great! Let’s count and clean, 1,2, 3…”

Before Bed

We go through our household rules, read a book and get our littles snuggled in bed.

Something that stuck with me growing up was the way my mom put me to sleep each night. Butterfly kisses, eskimo nudges and a kiss goodnight. Now we follow this in our household, and the littles love it!

Having a sweet family “bedtime routine”, handshake, hug or kiss are the moments that stick with us.

Add these moments throughout our day, especially in this time, when we just need a moment to get back to reality and bring back the sweetness.

Now go wash your hands and give your littles an extra kiss or snuggle in your day, it really will break up the madness and bring us back down to reality!

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