Twin survival guide

Moms on Call's Twins Survival Guide

Double the fun, double the love, and let's face it, double the chaos! We're no strangers to the world of twins because each of us has experienced it firsthand. If you're a parent of twins, you're in for an adventure like no other. We've got some tricks up our sleeves that have helped countless parents like you survive and thrive. Here's a peek at our Twins Survival Guide!

Typical Day Routine

Follow the rhythm with the Moms on Call's Typical Day Routines, customized for your little duo's age. It's your secret weapon for maintaining order and sanity. And guess what? We give you a 15-minute grace period so you can handle one baby's needs before moving on to the next. Grace is the key!

Preemie Progression Cheat Sheet

If your twins made an early entrance into the world, we've got your back with our Preemie Progression Cheat Sheet.

Synced Feeding

Feeding twins can be a wild ride. We want to try feeding both as close together as possible (aim for a 45-minute window). Here's how we do it:

Nursing: It's like a synchronized swim but with babies.

  • You can offer one breast to each baby at the same time. This takes some help and practice.
  • Nurse one for 5-10 minutes, give that one a break, and nurse the other for 5-10 minutes, then do it all again.
  • You can also nurse one breast for 20 minutes and then nurse the other on the other for 20 minutes. We want to ensure that one breast is empty so that it may be a few minutes less or a few minutes more.

Bottle Feeding and Nursing

  • Offer a bottle to one while nursing the other, then trade at the next feeding.
  • You can nurse one for 15 minutes, nurse the other for 15 minutes, then offer a bottle to both for 15 minutes.

Bottle Feeding: Get comfy with some bouncy seats and create your own feeding station on the floor.

  • Use your helpers. Each person grabs a baby and then does a feeding.
  • You can feed one a bottle for 10 minutes, then give it a break and feed the other for 10 minutes, then do it all again.

Nap and Bedtime Sync

Even if one twin seems like they've had one too many espresso shots, stick to the same nap and bedtime for both. It's all about moving from survival mode to something that is more sustainable.

Accepting Help

Friends and family to the rescue! They were a great source of support during those early years. Don't be shy; let them lend a hand with meals, chores, or babysitting. The more they help, the more time you get to enjoy your dynamic duo.

Bathtime with twins

  • Have all your supplies within reach.
  • Have two bouncy seats lined with nice, fluffy towels, and strap them in.
  • Use your helpers.
  • You can also have a changing space in the bathroom if the room permits. This includes diapers and PJs.

Emotional Resilience

Raising twins is like riding a rollercoaster of emotions. Here are some reminders to help you navigate those highs and lows:

  • Take it one day at a time; each day is an adventure.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help; every superhero needs a sidekick.
  • It's absolutely okay for your house to be a little messy; it's a sign of a life well-lived.
  • Expect a symphony of baby noises; it's part of the journey.
  • It's entirely normal to feel a whirlwind of emotions simultaneously; embrace the chaos.
  • Be kind to yourself; you're all learning and growing together.

Raising twins is a remarkable journey and you're not alone in it. With these tactics and the support of the Moms On Call community, you can navigate the adventure of twin parenting with confidence. Embrace the chaos, celebrate the victories, and cherish every moment of this incredible journey. Twins bring double the love and twice the adventure, and you've got what it takes to make it an amazing ride!

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