episode 9

Intro to Tummy Time & Help? Our Toddler Only Wants Daddy

We’ve got a brand new episode of The Moms on Call Podcast for you today, and it’s all about intro to tummy time & what to do if your toddler only wants daddy.

This week, we're talking about the things that make you want to curl up and die. Like… what if your toddler only wants their daddy? How to introduce tummy time? How can you help your baby learn to love being on their tummy? Moms on Call has you covered!

Your Question Answered!

Nicole from Fort Wayne, Indiana is wondering if Laura and Jennifer from Moms on Call could explain how to properly do tummy time and when parents should be starting it.

So download this episode now and listen on your commute or while hanging out at home—we promise you’ll learn something new!

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