when to call the doctor

How do I know it's time to call the doctor?

We've got a brand new episode of The Moms on Call Podcast for you today, and it's all about how to know when it's time to call the doctor.

On this episode, "How to know when it's time to call the doctor", we talk about all kinds of situations where you might think it's time to get in touch with your doctor but aren't really sure. We talk about what to look for when you're deciding whether or not to get medical attention, what questions to ask yourself before making any decisions, and even give some examples of situations where it may be time to call the doctor.

Your Questions Answered!

Joanna from Georgia has a 14 month old who is a great napper at home, but not at daycare. She wants to know how Mom and Dad and the daycare staff can navigate that.

Melissa has a new baby arriving any day now, and her question is really simple: For the next 18 years, how does she know when to call the doctor? She doesn't want to be 'that' person ... but she's also never done this before.

So download this episode now and listen on your commute or while hanging out at home—we promise you'll learn something new!


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