caring for your crib mattress

Caring for Your Crib Mattress

The Moms on Call Sleep and Grow crib mattress by Colgate is not just for sleeping. It is a growth and development center that your infant will spend about 70% of their time on – and chances are they will have their fair share of diaper blowouts, spit-ups, or full-on tummy bug messes there too.

Here are some tips for keeping your crib mattress safe from the inevitable so you can use it for many years to come.

How to Clean Your Crib Mattress

Cleaning the surface of a waterproof cover is pretty straightforward.

  • Wipe the mattress using a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • NEVER use harsh chemicals or bleach that may harm the waterproof surface coating.
  • For mattresses with a cloth cover where the waterproofing is on the backside of the cloth, treat the mattress surface like you would your clothing.
    • Use a damp cloth with mild soap and dab or lightly rub the surface of the mattress where the stain is located.
    • Find a mild laundry detergent that is gentle to baby’s skin, free of harsh chemicals, pediatrician and dermatologist tested, and better for the environment.

Keeping Your Crib Mattress Clean

Use a Mattress Pad Cover

  • Waterproof mattress pad covers are an excellent way to ensure that no bacteria-causing liquid ever reaches the surface of the mattress.
    • This means less worry and less CLEANING for you.
  • Most mattress pad covers are machine washable and safe to dry; however, we recommend reading all instructions carefully.
  • Colgate’s Owl Eco Cover- Organic Fitted Crib Mattress Cover is a high-quality fitted waterproof crib mattress cover made with certified organic cotton. It has a strong elastic around the perimeter of the cover to ensure a safe, tight fit. A soft cloth is closest to the baby’s skin, while a waterproof backing keeps liquid away from the mattress. The Owl Eco Cover has minimal shrinkage when washed (machine wash warm, tumble dry).
  • Another great tip is to double up the mattress pad cover.
    • This especially comes in handy for those late-night messes. Peel one layer off, clean up baby, and hope everyone is able to fall back asleep.

Protecting the Crib Mattress While in The Crib

  • Crib mattress covers can rip and tear on the sharp springs of a crib.
  • Vaporizers and humidifiers in the nursery can cause rust stains and deterioration of crib dust ruffles and mattresses.
    • Try Colgate's Mattress and Dust Ruffle Protector to help protect against tears, stains, and deterioration.

Storing Your Crib Mattress

  • When the crib mattress is not being used, it should be wiped down with a damp cloth, thoroughly dried, and sealed into a plastic bag that covers the mattress completely.
  • The mattress should be stored in a clean, dry place on its end or edge, with nothing resting on top of it or against it.
  • A reusable Zippered Crib Mattress Storage Bag that is clear and lets in cleansing sunlight is best.
    • This clear bag is phthalate safe and has strong cloth seams for durability.
    • Colgate's storage bag is specifically sized to fit all standard-size American crib mattresses.

About Colgate

Colgate Mattress is a third-generation, family-owned and operated company comprised of committed craftsmen. They have always chosen to use non-toxic barrier fabrics instead of harsh flame-retardant chemicals to give parents peace of mind. Their products not only meet but truthfully exceed all federal regulation standards. Made in Atlanta, GA, each crib mattress is put through a stringent testing program to ensure a safe night's sleep for both you and your baby.

The company is legendary for their commitment to exacting manufacturing standards and using only the highest quality components because, as they say, “while many crib mattresses may look similar on the outside, we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” When it comes to your baby’s safety, especially regarding sleep, there are no compromises to be made, which is why Colgate is your one-stop shop for your crib mattress needs.

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