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Greater Love

Written by Moms on Call || Photography courtesy of Shae DeNyse and KSM Design + Photography (@ksmdesign)

John 15:13 | Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

It seems unfair, to be honest, that we are missing those moments we expected to share — the first heartbeat, the first glimpse into the womb with ultrasound, friends gathered around to see that creative way to reveal the first time we hear the words…”it’s a _____”! Instead, moms are visiting the doctor alone, dads are missing the moments they dreamt of sharing and celebrations of new life are being put on hold.

For those who waited for that “right time” to start a family, those who waded through failed fertility treatments to finally have the hope of what was longed for, those caught off guard with an addition to an already bustling family…and everyone who is preparing for new life. We see you.

We celebrate in new ways, but we still celebrate.

With every Dad at home listening to a heartbeat over FaceTime. (You laid down a visit for a life.)

With every Grandparent bursting with love and pride and sadness over not being there. (You laid down your long-held dream of being present for a life.)

With every Mom trying to navigate where to place her toddler so she can see if they are getting a brother or a sister. (You laid down convenience for a life.)

If there is one thing we can give as new life prepares to enter this world, it is a story of hope.

And that story goes something like this…

Here is what Dad did to love others — He stayed home when all he wanted was to hear you for the first time.

Here is what Grandma did to love others — She waited by the phone for one picture, one call, one run down of every word the doctor said.

And here is what Mom did to love others — She thought and cried and worried until determination and strength beyond herself settled her because there were two things growing inside her. There was fear and there was you. And her love for you was by far the greater. She whispered so many thoughts and dreams, vowing to keep you safe and love you more than you would ever know. In those moments, she laid down her fear for a life.

But the biggest thing is this. To all of the little ones about to come into the world, the thing we want you to know is that in this world, greater love is waiting for you. We did everything we could to make it good here. And because you inspired us before we ever knew you, we laid down our visits, our conveniences, our expectations and a few of our dreams so that you could live in a world with greater love than it had before you got here.

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