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Feeding your Little While Protecting your Back

I feel like the caption for this picture should start with “My Neck. My Back….” and well you know the rest!

We fully support breastfeeding as well any feeding for that matter. We honestly don't care how your little gets fed as long as they do! Using a bottle? GREAT! Whipping out the boob? PERFECT! Pumping for later? SURE!

We want to equip you with how to keep your body feeling good through this already tough feeding journey! We oftentimes compromise our own bodies to make sure babe is latched, comfy or in the perfect position. Well, what if we told you you both can be nice and comfy together-even better.

Figuring out how to protect your back is vital!

Neck and back aches are so common when our posture and body position is compromised. Having poor positioning can cause issues with your overall biomechanics. When we put our bodies in awkward positions on repeat (hello, feeding a baby), it can lead to a multitude of dysfunctions for you down the line. We often see an increase in headaches, neck aches, numbness down one arm or hand, shoulder blade pain, low back discomfort or sciatica to name a few. With these simple positioning corrections and a little bit of self love so many of these can be avoided!

Here are a few tips and tricks we at Revelle like to equip our Mamas with:

Now let's try this with good positioning and posture for you MAMA!

Feeding Position

Here are a few of our favorite exercises to keep you feeling good, feeding well and out of pain!

Watch our Reel on @momsoncall's Instagram for demos of each exercise!

  1. Cat Cow
  2. Thread Needle
  3. Foam Roller Pec Stretch
  4. Upper Trap Stretch
  5. Rows

Already got yourself in a little bit of bind and need some extra love? Give us a shout at or come and see us! Our treatments include massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization, stretching and corrective exercise to get you back feeling your best!

Revelle is a women’s wellness practice that specializes in treatment for the common but abnormal issues women experience throughout their lifetime. We focus on pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy, and postpartum. We empower women to prioritize self-care to ensure they are functioning at their absolute best! Wondering why you should see a pelvic floor PT? Check out our website to learn more! Revelle — Women's Physical Therapy

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