Favorite Feeding Products

Favorite Feeding Products for Introducing Solids


Between 4 and 6 months of age, your little one will be ready to start expanding their palates with solid foods. The thing that I love most about the process of introducing solids is seeing their little personalities shine! Will they go crazy for sweet potatoes? Give green beans a hard no? Kick their feet and clap their hands when they see an avocado? Learning their likes and dislikes, and their reactions to them, is so much fun!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly they move from being fed purees to feeding themselves finger foods! Beyond food, you don’t need much to foster this progression but there are a handful of things that I’ve used over and over again during the journey from purees to table food.

Favorite Feeding Products for Introducing Solids

These are listed in the order that you’ll use them.

I used all of these products in conjunction with Moms on Call’s Baby Food Introduction Calender that gave me a day-by-day plan for what foods to try, when and how much.

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Finally, don’t stress about amounts! I spent too much time trying to force food on my oldest kid. I learned my lesson when I filled him up on sweet potatoes and they promptly came right back up and all over me…right before I had to leave for a wedding. Introducing solids was so much less stressful and more fun with my second two kids when I let go, followed their cues and didn’t worry about whether they had one bite or ten!

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