potty training


Potty training. Every parent is going to have to do it, and no two kids will potty train exactly the same way. Moms on Call talks all things potty training and how to successfully do it in this week's episode. Here’s a peek at what you’ll take away:

  • Your kid will not go to college in diapers.
  • Understanding your toddler’s SMART design and what motivates them will help customize and take the stress out of potty training.
  • How to handle naps and night times when potty training.

Your calls: How do I make it to the next feed time when naps end early? My 1 year old has all of the sudden started waking up really early in the morning; what’s going on and what should I do? How do I increase awake time for my 10 week old?

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Products mentioned on the show:

Potty by Design

Toddler by Design App

Toddler Online Course

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