Different Parenting Styles

Different Parenting Styles

Parenting styles are not completely definable. There are as many different motivators as there are menu items at the drive-thru. Every parent brings something unique and valuable to life. When other people do things differently, it makes us better and we like to celebrate the ways we are different because we all have something to offer. See if you can see yourself or your besties in any of these parenting styles.


We are short and to the point. Can size you up in the first 3 seconds with impressive accuracy, and don't need to impress you. Basically, you know what we offer and get what you get. We are dependable, capable, and can accomplish things at lightning speed. The go-to parent in an emergency. If you are running late – we do not judge, just help out and move on. We don't need thank you dinners or to be the center of attention. We're the ‘last minute, rush and get her done’ people who can handle 10 things at once and aren't bothered by an additional 3 kids suddenly needing lunch and a ride home. We inspire people to leave expectations behind and ’just get in the car because we gotta go”. Often, we find ourselves explaining to others why everything is not that big of a deal. Our love language – accomplishment.


We are sociable and relatively happy with most human interaction, often thanking people for the basic human kindnesses. We like to invest in the bigger picture and organizing experiences for everyone. For instance, in our mind, there is not just a party favor but a party favor with a purpose. We like to see that everyone is happy and invest in outcomes. We feel deeply, like to find ways to show appreciation, and have a tendency to get our feelings hurt if others do not participate. Our love language is – acceptance.

Burger King:

We, unapologetically, want to have it our way. We are not looking for instructions, we can ‘figure it out’. In fact, instructions are an insult. We are comfortable being in charge, trying something new, and not being afraid of what others think is a bad idea. We respond best if we are heard, validated, and accommodated but being dismissed is our biggest motivator. “Just go ahead and tell us we can’t do something – that will be fun”. Our love language is – discovery.


We are seasoned professionals. Here for a good time. We want to have fun, are not opposed to a little attention and like to get a few laughs. We like to be noticed and appreciated for the good time that we bring. We've got lots of good jokes involving our children (the more embarrassing the better), cook a signature dish that everyone loves and have the quintessential “no worries” mentality. We may be the life of the party but we need our downtime. We love so deeply, laugh easily and sometimes speak before thinking (but feel bad about it later). Our love language is- laughter.

Zoes Kitchen:

Some of us have a lifestyle that requires some special instructions. There may be dietary needs, behavioral concerns and/or other medical issues and we have had to “manage” people who seem unconcerned about our child’s condition in every situation and are longing for someone to listen and take notes. We will look you in the eye to gauge your level of understanding- we want you to be informed, alert, and attentive. Often we are dealing with things that are a big deal but do not want it to be a big deal. We often did not choose this but are trying to manage it well against great odds. This parent’s love language – understanding.


We are aloof and often appear unconcerned. And just really believe everything is going to work out. We may disregard instructions and can appear disinterested and distracted. But, lean into us because our superpower is reassurance. We seem to be unapologetically on our own time-table (so are you). But we are stable, present and when asked, we have pretty grounded advice (which, incidentally, we will only offer if asked) – otherwise, we are not interested in sharing our opinions, just getting the next thing done. This parent’s love language – leave us to do what we do, nothing to see here.

No matter what parenting style most defines the way you do this thing called “parenting” or if you are a little of each at different times, we hope that you embrace the way that you see the world and appreciate this many-splendored world of parenting.

At Moms On Call, we are dedicated to providing positive, practical, and effective ways to help parents of all styles -- be it McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Zaxby's, Zoe's or Hardees -- feel more confident, and thrive, not just survive, through parenting.

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