diaper changing dos and donts

Diaper Changing Do's And Don'ts

Moms on Call is excited to walk you through all of the do’s and don’ts of diaper changing, including the necessities for your diaper changing station.

Changing little ones can sometimes be a challenge, but before you know it, you’ll be changing diapers in your sleep!

It’s key to have everything in place so that you’re prepared for anything! And we mean ANYTHING! Even the most experienced diaper changers have had their fair share of being peed on and the occasional poo explosion.

What’s at your diaper station?

I like having a set place for everything! Have a safe place to change your baby with a basket or two filled with your essentials nearby! This may be in the drawer of the changing table/dresser or on a surface within arm’s reach.

Start with a safe place to change baby

  • Some families use a dresser or changing table with a pad. You can also change the baby on a changing pad set on the floor or bed.
  • Please remember safety first! If you are using a changing table, follow the pad’s instructions for anchoring it to the table and use the safety straps provided.

Never leave baby unattended

  • If you are in need of something and no one is around to help, pick up the baby and bring them with you!


  • Be prepared with more than one size! You never know how big or small a baby may be when arriving home.
  • This is a great thing to ask for at your baby shower! You can never have too many diapers, and most stores will allow you to trade unused packages in for a different size!


  • Find a brand you love and buy these in bulk! We love Kirkland’s brand!
  • There is never a time you won’t need wipes! (We personally keep packs in almost every room!)

Diaper Cream

Burp Cloths

  • Spit up, pee and so much more will happen at this diaper station. Have backups!

Additional clothing

  • If there is a blowout, you’ll want to have an additional outfit within reach so that you are NEVER leaving the baby unattended.

Now that you’re prepared for ANYTHING, watch our diapering video to learn how to safely change your baby step-by-step!

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