Bonus_Sleep Anywhere You Go

Bonus Episode | Sleep...Wherever You Go

What happened when a Moms on Call mom was faced with the challenge of travel interrupting her babies’ good sleep habits that she had worked so hard to establish?

She decided to create a product that would recreate that ideal sleep environment...anywhere.

In 2016, while on maternity leave with her twins, Katy Mallory and her mom, Lou Childs, decided it was time to create a safe, easy and portable solution to help make vacations more restful and fun for everyone—and SlumberPod was born!

As it turns out, lots of other families were looking for the same solution and the SlumberPod quickly became a staple on every family’s packing list.

In this bonus episode, Katy Mallory, Co-Creator of SlumberPod, joins Jennifer and Laura to tell us how to create the ideal sleep environment so that everyone can enjoy a good night’s rest...wherever you go!

Thank you to SlumberPod for sponsoring this bonus podcast episode and giving us the opportunity to laugh, find some new creative ways to use our SlumberPods and share the story of an unstoppable mother/daughter duo.

SlumberPod wants all Moms on Call families to enjoy a full night’s sleep, both at home and away! They’re offering a generous 5% discount with the code MOCPODCAST at

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