We get a lot of questions around food allergies in babies, so we called in the experts! In this bonus episode of The Moms on Call Podcast, Dr. Gideon Lack and Catherine Jaxon, Co-Founders of Mission MightyMe, talk to Jennifer and Laura about preventing food allergies in children and the power of early allergen introduction, including the new allergy prevention recommendations for babies.

In this episode, you will hear two perspectives on the allergy epidemic in children and how you can prevent food allergies in your own families. Catherine shares her real-life experience as a food allergy mom and Dr. Lack explains the science behind his groundbreaking research on food allergies in children and how early, proactive introduction can actually prevent allergies. Catherine and Dr. Lack bring meaning to the term “made with love, backed by science”!

Their company, Mission MightyMe, is a revolutionary new food company on a mission to end the food allergy epidemic by making it deliciously simple to follow new pediatric guidelines for including peanuts and other potentially allergenic foods in infant diets.

Thank you to Mission MightyMe for sponsoring this podcast and giving us the opportunity to share this powerful information with our audience. Mission MightyMe wants to support the Moms on Call community by providing a simple (and delicious) way to follow new guidelines for keeping peanuts in babies’ diets regularly and are generously offering 20% off your first order at missionmightyme.com with the code MOMSONCALL20.

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About Catherine Mitchell Jaxon

As a food allergy mom, Catherine and her husband, JJ, understand what living with allergies is like. Their oldest daughter is allergic to most nuts. When their third child was born, they discovered Dr. Gideon Lack's groundbreaking research that found up to 86% of peanut allergies could be prevented by starting peanut foods in infancy. It gave them hope that they could prevent another food allergy in their family, but nuts and nut butters are a choking hazard for babies, and the entire baby food industry is allergen-free. So, they decided to make their own. Catherine and JJ partnered with Dr. Lack and FARE co-founder Todd Slotkin, to develop a line of foods that make early allergen introduction easy and enjoyable, and make children's lives better in the process. Prior to founding MightyMe, Catherine was an award-winning journalist with CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 and CNN Presents Documentaries.

About Dr. Gideon Lack

Dr. Gideon Lack is one of the world’s leading pediatric allergists. His research has revolution­ized food allergy prevention and is transforming the way we feed our kids. Dr. Lack’s groundbreaking Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) Study found that most peanut allergies could be prevented by in­cluding peanut protein in babies’ diets - early and often. And subsequent studies, including Dr. Lack’s EAT Study , have shown this proactive approach can work for other foods as well. His research upended decades of outdated food allergy advice and led to new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommending early peanut introduction in infancy and new USDA Dietary Guidelines recommending early introduction of all common food allergens in infancy. Due to his work on the LEAP Study, Dr. Lack was awarded the prestigious David Sackett Trial of the Year Award for “a randomized clinical trial that improves the lot of humankind; provides a substantial, beneficial change in healthcare.” Dr. Lack was also awarded the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology Distinguished Scientist Award and the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology Daniel Bovet Award (the highest distinction granted). He is currently the Head of Pediatric Allergy at King’s College, London and also a Consultant to the Sean N. Parker Allergy Center at Stanford University.

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